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Booking a Mini Session

Who else is dearly missing traveling? I know I am! With travel being such a no-go right now due to the pandemic, it’s been such a blessing when I get to go to a different city to photograph a wedding. I recently headed to Austin, Texas, to do exactly this, and it got me thinking. I should be ensuring my time away has every ounce of fun squeezed out. This is why I decided to offer mini sessions while I was in the Lone Star State!

Before COVID19, I never had time to shoot this style of imagery. I was always extremely busy with weddings. Now that I don’t feel so overwhelmed shooting 25 weddings a year, I’ve made time for family and mini sessions. It’s also amazing going back to brides and grooms that I have photographed in the past. I love seeing couples reach out again to have new images taken of themselves. Often family dynamics change with the birth or adoption of a new member, whether that be a furbaby or human! These couples also feel comfortable with me as there is a trust already built. 

What is a Mini Session?

If you’ve never heard of a mini session, let me explain. My mini sessions are 20 minutes long and can be used however you desire. If you’re pregnant, you can use this as a maternity shoot. Need headshots? I can do that too! If you’re looking to get some creative photography for your Instagram feed, that’s totally available as well. These 20 minutes are meant to be whatever you need them to be. Included in the fee are high-resolution images chosen by you, the client. If you’re in love with more, you can always request more high-resolution images. 

During this mandatory slow down, I’ve had time to unwind and focus on families, not just weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not changing niches! I’m just committed to taking the time to step on the breaks every now and then. I want to photograph all of the things that fill me up. So what do you think, should I offer minis twice a year?! I’m considering spring and winter photography sessions. Don’t forget, these sessions would be great for quick family sessions, updating your branding, or simply some new content for your feed. Are you interested in winter or spring minis in NYC? Drop me a line and let’s make it happen!