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Chic Wedding at 632 on Hudson

Kathy and Steve consider themselves a “fairly low key couple.” Their wedding and ceremony, however, were anything but! These two are the epitome of cool, I mean they had their wedding at 632 on Hudson. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it! The venue is tucked away on a quiet stretch of Hudson Street. Bordering the Far West Village and the Meatpacking District lies this beautiful hidden gem. 632 on Hudson specializes in smaller, more intimate events, which was perfect for this 65 guest wedding. 

View through doorway of bride getting her makeup done in old character home style room
Long sleeve lace wedding dress hanging on antique canopy bench
View through doorway of groom bending over table in antique style room

The Space

Initially, Kathy and Steve were looking for a venue that required little florals and decorations. This was important as they were trying to keep to their budget. When they saw 632 on Hudson, Kathy and Steve knew it was the one. “We immediately fell in love with all the decorations the owner had spent her lifetime collecting. Each room had a theme. To decorate with more than simple votives would have done the venue a disservice.”

The space is gorgeous. At 632 on Hudson, there is a warm antique feel that you can’t get over. All of the pieces are carefully curated to complement the rooms entirely. From the bright and airy atrium to the Art Deco lounge, you feel like you’re in someone’s home. It doesn’t seem possible that you’re at a venue in the heart of the West Village.

A Simple Wedding

The two wanted a simple wedding, focusing on the three main things that meant the most to them; a great photographer, fantastic food, and free-flowing alcohol. Kathy and Steve put all of their efforts into the things that were important to them. They let go of all the little details that everyone thinks ‘should’ be part of the wedding. They chose to forgo having a wedding party, wedding favors, a guestbook, and a sit-down dinner! Instead of a wedding cake, the couple decided to share their favorite desserts with their guests.

“We wanted all our guests to enjoy themselves instead of being beholden to certain tasks. We wanted our guests to eat and drink to their heart’s content. I didn’t want them to feel obligated to talk to people at their table unless they wanted to.”


   Caterer: Marcey Brownstein Catering and Events 

   Florist: FDK Florals

   Wedding Planner: The Get Together Event Co.

   Venue: 632 on Hudson

   Music: DJ M-Pos