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Creative & Socially Distanced Wedding Ideas

Bride on her wedding day wearing a mask during COVID19 pandemic in 2020.

As we are all aware, weddings and large gatherings of every kind look very different this year due to COVID19. While many couples have had to postpone into 2021 and beyond, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some really incredible intimate weddings. Yes, there are fewer people in the mix. Yes, there is social distancing happening. However, there are some enjoyable and creative ideas circulating wedding networks in 2020!

From pandemic related wedding favors to wrist bands with social distancing labels, I’m going over my top COVID19 wedding ideas today, here on #theWednesdayBlog.

Custom COVID19 mask and hand sanitizer
Wedding reception bartenders wearing face shields
Bride and bridesmaids smiling for a selfie with masks on
Two large hand sanitizer bottles as wedding favors for guests during COVID19 pandemic wedding.

Custom Printed Masks

Many brides and grooms are opting for custom designed and embroidered masks. Gone are the face-covering veils, welcoming instead the beautifully handstitched face masks! Wondering what you should gift your wedding party? How about a cotton mask in your wedding colors?! Recently I shot a wedding in Brooklyn for Carrie and Jon. They wore beautifully designed masks stating “Mr.” and “Mrs.” 

One of the main trends I’ve seen has been couples providing their guests with masks printed with their names and wedding date. Depending on the quality of masks you choose, this could be a great party favor! Another great option is ordering hand sanitizer bottles with custom printed labels showing the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date.

Satin white COVID19 masks sewed by the bride for her bridesmaids during pandemic wedding 2020.

Virtual and Socially Distanced Guests

If you’re still opting to have your full guest list at your wedding, a great way to keep everyone feeling comfortable is having socially distanced seats. These could be in groups of 2 or 4, depending on each party size. You could also take this one step further and label chairs if you’re feeling inspired. But who are we kidding? That’s just extra work for you.

Keeping your guests’ best interests in mind, I saw a great idea on Instagram where guests had the option to wear a wristband. Each wristband signified that guests level of social distancing they are comfortable with. For example, you could have 1 type of wrist band, and wearing it means no hugging or touching. If you choose not to wear the wristband, you show that you are fine to get close to the other non-band guests! Another example would be having different colors of bands, each correlating to the level of distancing your guests prefers.

Aside from making space between guests, some may choose to attend virtually. This can be a great option for your elderly family members to still join without being put at risk. Even the officiant can join via Zoom! 

Entire wedding party in front of church steps with masks on during COVID19 pandemic.
Socially distanced seating at a wedding ceremony
Grandparents virtually attending a wedding

Socially Distanced Cocktail Hour

Now for the fun part, the mingling. This part is largely up to your friends and fam to keep a responsible distance while chatting and catching up. One thing you can do to help, though, skip the buffet and trays of communal food. Chat to your caterer about individually plating the hors d’oeuvres to avoid any double-dipping!

It’s definitely going to be an entirely different experience hosting or attending a wedding during this pandemic! If all these rules and regulations are a bit too much for you, don’t forget that an intimate wedding with only a handful of people is also a great route to explore.

Small plates of fruit at a wedding
Bite size wedding snacks
A bride sips her wine while lowering her COVID19 mask
Groom holding bride's dress on their wedding day both wearing masks during COVID19 pandemic wedding.