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Same-Sex Elopement in Reykjavik, Iceland

Same sex couple kissing with rainbow flags
Same sex wedding in Iceland
Groom and groom on their wedding day
Husband and husband jumping on their wedding day

Reykjavik, Iceland pride!

Our Pride Month Series wouldn’t be complete without reminiscing on Ray and Andrew’s incredible elopement in Iceland. The two got engaged two years before their actual wedding date under the Northern Lights– which ended up being the only day of clear skies on their trip! The two fell in love with the people of Iceland, and naturally, they wanted to bring their closest family and friends to Iceland for their wedding.

Originally, Raymond and Andrew had never planned to have their wedding during Reykjavik Pride. It just so happened the days landed on their special date of 8-8-18. In Mandarin, these numbers signify fortune, fortune, and (you guessed it!) more fortune.

Husband and husband with rainbow flags in Reykjavik, Iceland
Couple walking down rainbow crosswalk
Bridal party smiling together before same sex wedding
Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

rainbow pride

On the way to their wedding, the couple came across a rainbow road in the middle of the Iceland town. The three of us got out spontaneously and wandered in the streets for photos. The couple quickly became the center of attention. Raymond and Andrew felt so loved and embraced by the city thanks to that rainbow; moments before their wedding none the less. This is the essence of who Raymond and Andrew are – they embrace spontaneity in all aspects of life!

Couple "just married" at same sex wedding in Reykjavik during Pride
Gay pride in Reykjavik, Iceland
Gay pride in Iceland, husband and husband, just married
Just married same sex couple
Husband and husband share a kiss after they've just been married

The moon represents my heart

Their wedding witnessed and blessed by Andrew’s mother, Patty. Once they were married, Raymond and Andrew had a Mother and Sons dance to a song in Mandarin. The tune was a popular song from the 1970s pop star Teresa Teng. The same song was actually played at Patty’s wedding to Andrew’s father. The song “The Moon Represents My Heart” (月亮代表我的心) fits into the wedding’s theme of Sun and Moon – Raymond being the Sun and Andrew the Moon.

Husband and husband dance at same sex wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland
Mother and son dance at same sex wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland
Same sex wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland