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Tips for Including Your Pet in Your NYC Wedding

The bride is holding a dog. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

We’ll not be surprised if you want an NYC wedding with your pet joining you, just like any other family member or friend. As shown in a survey, 49.7% of the population in NYC owns pets. So there’s no doubt that NYC is a city that loves pets! And we love our pets just like you do, so we’re giving you five tips on including your pet in your NYC wedding!

1. Decide What Your Pet’s Role on Your Wedding Day is

First, you have to think about what role your pet will play on your wedding day. How involved your dog or cat will be? Do you want them there just for photos? Or do you want them to participate in the ceremony actively? Do you want them to be your ring bearer, flower dog, or just walk with you down the aisle? We know how a wedding, or any kind of event, might make your furbaby uneasy or even scared. So you can have someone take him home once his role is done, thus, avoiding stress for both of you. 

2. Delegate Someone to Look After Your Pet

Everything will happen fast, and you will surely be busy on your wedding day. Make sure you have someone to look after your pet. Please have someone close, like a family member or friend, whom your pet is already familiar with, take care of your pet. Whoever you choose, that person should happily take on responsibility because it’s not a simple task. They will have to be patient enough to leave the party when your pet wants to walk outside or pick up his poop when needed. If you cannot find the perfect person for the task, you can always hire a pet sitter for the day. Many companies in NYC offer such a service, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  

Black and white photo of the bride posing in front of a white old school luxury car. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Editorial photo of the bride cuddling her dog. NYC wedding with your pet image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white photo of the groom and father putting on his coat. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

3. Book an NYC Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue

Since NYC is a pet-loving city, you wouldn’t find it hard to look for a pet-friendly wedding venue! Check out these venues:

Wagner Cove (Central Park)

MyMoon Restaurant

Dobbin Street

Treehouse for Dreaming (Central Park)

The Pool

Bethesda Arcade (Central Park)

The Boro Hotel

Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan

Greenbelt Conservancy

Ramscale Studio

Fort Tryon Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Prospect Park 

Editorial first look image by Jenny Fu Studio. NYC wedding with your pet image
Black and white photo of the romantic bride and groom inside a car. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Editorial photo of the married couple hugging each other with the Statue of Liberty in the background. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

4. You Should be Aware of Guests Allergic to Animals

Let’s face it. Your pet is adorable, but not all your guests will be delighted at the sight of it. No matter how much they want to go near a dog or a cat, they just can’t, simply because they’re allergic. Of course, you want your guests to feel comfortable throughout your wedding day. So it’s best to let your guests know in advance that your pet will be a part of your wedding.

5. Accept the Possible Havoc

Even though you think your pet is almost human, pets are still pets! Maybe you haven’t seen their aggressive side but accept the fact that they can be such, especially when exposed to a different environment and situation. For a stress-free NYC wedding with your pet, consider availing the expertise of a wedding-day pet services company. They can provide complete dog handling and assistance throughout your wedding, including coordinating with your vendors, on-leash exercising, hydrating, pottying, and even pet wedding attire rental.

An elegant wedding reception dinner set up in NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The newlyweds are dancing while the guests cheer on. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Cake-cutting ceremony photo by Jenny Fu Studio. NYC wedding with your pet image