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Why You Need a NY City Hall Elopement Photographer

The bride and groom are standing outside NYC City Hall. Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Are you dreaming of eloping in New York? Well, we cannot blame you as New York is one of the best cities in the world (and easiest) to get married. From saying your vows in the famous Central Park, in The Skylark with NYC skyline view, to the Adirondack mountains, the possibilities are endless. The most popular, though, is to have a NY City Hall Elopement because it’s the easiest way to get hitched in the city that never sleeps. And what great way to capture your precious memories and fantastic city backdrops than to hire an elopement photographer? So we’ll give you some ideas on why you need an elopement photographer in NYC.

The bride and groom are crossing the street in New York. NYC City Hall Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are standing close to each other amidst the large columns at NYC City Hall. NY city hall elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Once in a Lifetime Event

Your elopement is still your wedding day. It’s a very special day that will happen just once in your life. And in New York City Hall, your wedding would be over in a blink of an eye. If you hire an elopement photographer, rest assured that they will be able to capture the event’s spontaneity. And you can look back at your precious memories for as long as you live. It’s also great to have professionally-shot images to share with your family and friends who could not be physically present at your wedding.

Way More Affordable 

Your NY City Hall elopement photographer can charge you a lot lower than a traditional wedding. It’s because a city hall wedding in New York is very fast. The ceremony lasts for only 1-2 minutes. How faster can you get? It’s only the waiting time that could prolong your stay inside the city hall. It takes somewhere between 30 minutes to 2 ½ hours (especially during Fridays). And since it would only usually be the two of you or with a very few guests, then there are fewer people to take photos of and only a few movements to capture.

Help Plan Your Special Day

If you’re visiting New York for your elopement and know very little about the city, then a NY City Hall Elopement photographer might be the only one you need. They can help you plan your wedding day to go smoothly. They can tell you the best day (and time of the day) to get hitched at New York City Hall, when there’s less waiting time, where the best places are to take photos around the city after the ceremony, etc.  

The bride, groom and two guests are outside the exit door after the ceremony. NY City Hall elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio.

Can be Your Witness

As a bonus, your elopement photographer would be more than willing to act as your witness in the ceremony if you don’t have anybody else with you. Unless you just want to grab a random person off the street to be your witness. Uhmm, to be honest, the former is the better choice because your witness should have a valid ID and must sign on your marriage license.

The bride is happily staring at the groom outside the City Clerk's Office after the ceremony. NY City hall image by Jenny Fu Studio

Can Show You Around

Your photographer has the best ideas on where to take gorgeous photos around the city. They can even suggest places where you could have your small reception or dinner for two.

The bride is holding her small but pretty flower bouquet