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10 Chic Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

The bride is smiling while holding her pretty bouquet. 2023 wedding dress image by Jenny Fu Studio

Indeed, the fashion world is constantly evolving, especially regarding the most important day of a couple’s life – their wedding. And 2023 is no exception, with chic wedding dress trends that will take the wedding world by storm. The Spring 2023 wedding dress collection has many chic trends, ranging from classic to modern. From embellishments to intricate lace details, here are the top 10 chic wedding dress trends for 2023.

1. Embellishment

Whether it’s adding a few well-placed beads, sequins, and pearls or adorning a wedding dress in striking floral appliques, the use of accents and embellishment has taken wedding gowns to the next level. If you’re a bride looking for something that radiates with a high-end finish, an embellished wedding dress is a must-have.

2. Off-Shoulder with Sleeves

This 2023 wedding dress style is the perfect choice for a classic and timeless look. The off-the-shoulder neckline highlights the collarbone and brings a romantic feel to the dress. The long sleeves provide an elegant and modest sleekness to the dress and complement the traditional look. Talk about a modern Disney princess getting married!

The bride is standing inside the hotel. 2023 wedding dress image by Jenny Fu Studio
Close-up photo of the bride's beautiful wedding dress. 2023 wedding dress image by Jenny Fu Studio

3. Structured Ball Gowns

Structured ball gowns are perfect for brides wanting to make a statement. They offer a ball gown’s classic shape and grandeur but with more structured forms for a contemporary feel.

4. Textured Dresses

Another 2023 wedding dress trend that is sure to stick around for a few more years is the use of texture in wedding gowns. Whether it’s by adding intricate lace details, sheer tulle overlays, or delicate beaded embroidery, texture can transform any vision into a stunning wedding dress. Because of the delicate and intricate layers in these textured dresses, it truly is an elevated take on the traditional white wedding dress.

5. Ruffles

Ruffles are perfectly romantic and timeless. It can be cascading tiers, scalloped edges, or fluttery ruffles. This 2023 wedding dress trend is a great way to add a little bit of romance to any wedding dress.

6. Plunging Necklines

Plunging necklines are the way to go for a daring and confident look. These plunging silhouettes work for various body types and help draw the eye to the bride’s face.

7. Unexpected Fabrics

If you are looking for a classic design with a modern touch, fabric such as feathers and metallic accents is the perfect way to achieve it. This 2023 wedding dress trend is perfect for the fashion-foward bride.

8. Lace and Netting

Lace and netting are classic looks that never go out of style. These wedding dresses are perfect for a more boho-chic bride and look stunning in black and white.

9. Color as the Background

Instead of infusing color into a white wedding dress, designers use color as the background. Pastel colors, such as blue and pink for a 2023 wedding dress, are the top choice among brides.

10. Long V-shaped Necklines

Last but not least, long V-shaped necklines are the hottest new trend. The angular silhouette creates a strong and powerful look and elongates the body.

Black and white image of the bride and groom hugging each other with NYC skyscrapers in the background. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

No matter your style, there is a chic 2023 wedding dress trend that can bring your vision to life. To capture the best moments from your special day, hire a luxury wedding photographer who understands the importance of capturing these trends in their photos. With a professional wedding photographer on your side, your dress selection will look perfect in photographs that capture your special day’s love, joy, and romance.