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5 ideal ways to select the right wedding photographer

The bride and the groom kiss in the middle of the dance floor in Liberty Warehouse. Image by wedding photographer Jenny Fu

Getting married is a fantastic experience. It is a day filled with happiness, joy, emotion, and at times, a bit of sadness when a friend or family member is no longer with us to share these auspicious moments. You need the help of a wedding photographer to capture each moment in style.

It is pretty stressful to arrange a wedding day as a professional wedding photographer. Where do you start from with various photographers that are around? What would you know while you look for a reputed photographer? How would you know who the best is for you with a price that ranges from a few hundred to a thousand dollars?

Best way to find one

Personal Recommendations

Did you attend a wedding recently? What do your friends think of the wedding photographer present there? Several clients find the best photographer with the help of personal recommendations from either the groom or the bride and get the perfect captures.

Check online

You will surely come across mind-numbing choices when you do a quick search on any major search engines about the same. If you are typing into Google and searching for the term “Wedding Photographer,” you will come across hundreds of results. All you need is to stick to the ones that rank higher on the 1st two pages. The photographers in the 1st two pages ensure that their website is organized and optimized so that prospective grooms and brides can find their products and services easily.

Selecting A Photographer

Go ahead and book all the other services needed on your wedding day after you confirm the data and wedding venue. Choosing a wedding photographer lastly is not a good thing to do. Several brides and grooms out there start searching for a photographer the day they get engaged.

A beautiful, 4-layered, white wedding cake with peach candy flower design. Image by wedding photographer Jenny Fu

Check the websites

Make sure to check your wedding photographer‘s website thoroughly. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all ends here. Always ensure to focus on images and not the design of the website. These days you can get an actual elegant-looking website designed at a cheap cost. So, make your selection wisely.


You can come across several photographers out there who tend to charge you a pretty low price only to cover their costs. Several check your wedding as a manner of structuring a portfolio of wedding images. As a general rule of thumb, it will not apply to budget-friendly photographers. All you need is to try out and find one.

Price becomes a determining factor for several brides and grooms. You would be spending quite a few hundred if not thousands on the dresses along with the venue charges, which becomes a smaller fortune for you as the cutting costs on your wedding photographer can end up in a poor quality of photography, thereby becoming massive disappointments. So, make sure you keep all your choices in mind and shortlist the one who would meet your needs.

The bride is happily chatting with her bridesmaids while slumped on the top of the staircase. Image by Jenny Fu Studio