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A Perfect Engagement Shoot

An engagement photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to get the shots you’ve always dreamed of! If you plan to use your engagement photos for your wedding invitations, make sure they look great. Indeed, many of your guests did not necessarily have the pleasure of meeting your future spouse, so nothing like giving them a good first impression! Here are the tips for staging an engagement photoshoot and trying to be as photogenic as possible.

Choosing a location for your engagement photos

Whether it is a particularly important place for your couple or simply a beautiful place, it must be intentional! Think about the overall theme you want to give to your wedding and use it as inspiration. If you are going to go for a vintage wedding theme, why not plan your photoshoot in an old theatre or at an antique store? In the heart of nature, a park always has a lot of character! There are many great places to photograph in New York. When it comes to photography sites, you can choose to have beautiful beaches, parks, and historic sites, or whatever you are interested in.

Dress in a classic and timeless way

Deciding which clothes to wear every day is really a daunting task! Deciding what to wear in front of the camera has been nervous for weeks. I believe choosing clothes for the shoot is only as difficult as you make it. When choosing clothes, choose clothes that you trust. Clothes that show your best quality and hide things you might not feel comfortable with.

If the vibe is informal, a button-down shirt over jeans will be perfect. For you, ladies, choose something that highlights your personal style but also stands the test of time. Avoid clothes that are too trendy because, in 10 years, you might not love what you’re wearing.

A man and woman kiss on a park bench during an engagement photoshoot
Man and woman walking through the streets of New York City for their engagement photos
A man and women sit in a park for their engagement photos

Get to know your engagement photographer

Scheduling a friendly meeting with the engagement photographer before the photoshoot will allow you to convey your ideas, relax and be more comfortable in front of the camera. It will also help you customize these shots.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Let the location of your shoot determine which props are good to take. Giant balloons will give your photos a playful touch; the perfect picnic gear will give your images a country feel, etc.

Be natural

There is nothing worse than the photos where the eyes are fixed and without expression. Experience this photoshoot as a “love session” and not as a magazine version photo shoot. Keep your tone light and carefree – and don’t forget to laugh! Your guests want to see a happy couple on the wedding invitation instead of being overly posed.

Man and woman lean against a wall holding hands

Have fun!

The engagement photoshoot is meant to capture this amazing love story from the moment it begins. This shoot was supposed to act as an icebreaker that will make you and the photographer feel more connected. Enjoy the moment and have fun while planning your wedding. By choosing the right New York Engagement Photographer and following the above tips, you can take unique photos that capture your love story and the beginning of your journey.