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All you need to know about wedding photographer

The groom is carried by his groomsmen. Image by wedding photographer Jenny Fu

It has been noted that about 15% of the budget a couple spends is on videography and photography. It is quite a decent portion of the money to spend. Your wedding photos are one of the few substantial marks from your wedding day that will stay with you the rest of your lives. All you need to ensure is that you’ll hire a good wedding photographer for your D-day!

Today, we have crafted a detailed outline that will guide you through the entire process of the photography styles!

Deciding on the style of photography

The list is simply endless with the various moods of photography included here, such as photojournalistic, traditional, editorial, dark, and moody. The specific photography might not appear evident in the initial look unless you are a photographer yourself.

Start exploring various magazines and social media platforms such as Pinterest, Google, and Instagram. You can also explore the other prominent sources to identify the kinds of wedding photography you would be attracted to.

Selecting a professional photographer

It is the best time now to find a photographer. Having your creative cousin click all your photos can be pretty tempting, but it becomes a risky move here. You will most likely be losing the quality of the photographs. Also, your friends and family will miss out on having fun being a guest. This best wedding shot list would be the perfect starting point whether you are selecting a professional wedding photographer or not.

The groom is kissing the bride. Image by wedding photographer JennyFu

Do proper research

It is always best to carry on with your research and search for a photographer before you book one, even though the photographers’ photos might be gorgeous indeed. Ensure that they are sound professionals in updating the website and social media handles, having positive reviews online, and making good communication with you. You can check out the reviews in various handles. These are the only starting points included here, but these are the ones that should not be missed.

Bring it down to the best professional

You need to keep in mind that you will be spending the maximum of your day with your wedding photographer, and this makes it essential to ensure that you like them and connect to them easily, although a photographer has an ideal-shooting style.

A beautiful, large flower bouquet centerpiece. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

So, are the good vibes flowing in you?

Everything is about the positive vibes. The ideal way to decide whether the photographic chemistry exists or not is to meet them individually over a cup of coffee or even have a lengthy phone call with them can make it easy to discuss price, style, and availability.

You have to follow your gut by the end of the day! Is the photographer meeting your requirements? Do you think you can easily spend long hours with the wedding photographer and laugh together to plan your D-Day shoot? If you get positive answers, you know that you have come across the best professional. We would be delighted to answer all your queries. So, feel free to contact us!