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Destination Weddings: Costs You Should Cover for Your Guests

The guests are dancing in a wedding reception at the Lion Rock Farm. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Have you and your partner finally agreed upon doing a destination wedding? You can’t contain your excitement because this is actually your dream wedding! But wait, before you get exhilarated, think about your guests. What are the costs you should cover for them? Remember, your venue isn’t just around the corner. It’s in a faraway place, and price tags from plane tickets to hotel accommodations are waving at you! Don’t worry; to help you prepare in advance, we’ll do a run-through on the costs you’ll most likely pay for your dear guests.


Your guests agreed to travel all the way from your hometown to your dream destination. It’s great if you could arrange for a shuttle service from the airport to their hotels. You could also hire a tour guide to educate them on the best places to visit, things to buy, etc. This would be very helpful for your guests.

A bunch of welcome gifts for wedding guests are on a table outdoors at Lion Rock Farm. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Welcome Gift

It’s a thoughtful gesture to give your guests a welcome gift once they arrive. Some snacks, a bottle of water, a map, or a guidebook are just some things you could give that will surely delight them. You don’t have to be excessive, but just in case your guests come less than prepared, you could include items they would need depending on the location. A small hand towel, sunblock, and a fan are some examples if it’s a beach destination wedding.

The bride, groom and guests are having their rehearsal dinner at The Lion Rock Farm. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Pre-Wedding Welcome Party, Rehearsal Dinner & After-Wedding Brunch

Is it mandatory to hold a welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, and morning-after wedding brunch? Look, these wedding events are just optional. But it has become customary for brides and grooms to hold these events in a destination wedding for their guests who traveled very far. And it’s also an opportunity to capture some editorial wedding event photos that are surely for keeps. Though it really depends on your budget, keep in mind that these feasts need not be too extravagant. You could negotiate for budget food and drinks with the hotel hosting your wedding. Better yet, you could also hold a low-key rehearsal dinner like a fun pizza and street taco party outdoors!

A plate of sashimi appetizer for a wedding at The Lion Rock Farm. Editorial wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
An elegant editorial wedding reception set-up at The Lion Rock Farm. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Flight & Accommodation

Couples don’t usually cover flights and accommodations for their guests. Some pay for their bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s costs or meet them halfway. And some couples decide on financing only their close family’s flight and accommodation. But if the budget permits, then, by all means, go ahead and pamper your guests!

The bride is walking on the aisle with her father at The Lion Rock Farm. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
The groom lifts up his bride's hand after the wedding ceremony. Editorial wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Additional Activities for Everyone

Providing additional activities for your guests is one way of enticing them to attend your wedding. It’s also an excellent way for you and your guests to enjoy your beautiful venue and bond at the same time. Some activities you could incorporate are group tours, group hiking, snorkeling/boating, yoga sessions, and more!

The guests are busy chatting at a wedding reception in a lovely tent at The Lion Rock Farm. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
The wedding guests are happily watching the wedding program. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Remember, the most important thing is to plan for your destination wedding ahead of time. If you’re really important to your guests, they’ll surely attend your wedding regardless of the costs. But if a guest can’t afford it and their presence means the world to you, then maybe you can go the extra mile for them. Set a budget, and then break it down from the most to the least of your priorities.

The bride and groom are romantically holding each other close, heads touching, in the middle of the lovely grounds of The Lion Rock Farm. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio