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Do A First Look, Or Keep It Traditional?

When you are planning your wedding there are so many things to consider. One of the more important choices you’ll make is having the first look before the ceremony or waiting to see each other at the altar.

A “first look” means you are planning to have a private moment to see each other before the ceremony. This can be done to take advantage of your time before the ceremony and helps to let your nerves out. Plus, it gives you more time to spend with friends and family! Doing it the traditional way is a time-honored tradition that has been done for generations and can be an essential part of your wedding. As with anything, there are pros & cons to both, with no wrong choice. But what is the right choice for you?

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First Look Pros

Your nerves are calmed earlier in the day. Doing a first look before your ceremony allows you to see your soon to be life-long partner and share a moment in privacy.

More time to take pictures. Even the most well-planned weddings can be hectic, and doing a first look allows you to take photos before the ceremony (and get the tears out!)

A moment alone, together. You are about to be surrounded by your friends and family, and while the whole day is about you, a quiet moment away from everyone will be a cherished moment.

Go straight to the reception after the ceremony. If golden hour photos are not part of your wedding plan, you can skip the post-ceremony photo session and head right to the reception with your guests!

Bride and groom first look.

First Look Cons

It breaks tradition. Seeing your partner standing at the altar as you march down the aisle and lock eyes with each other is a time-honored tradition.

It moves your timeline up. If you are planning to do a first look, you will need to be ready to go a lot earlier in the day. If you plan to take all your photos before the ceremony, time will need to be allotted for everyone to be ready well in advance.

Golden hour shots. Doing all your photos before the ceremony will have you miss out on the ever-gorgeous “Golden Hour photos.”

You will have to freshen up. As there is an extended period between your hair and makeup session and the ceremony – touchups will be inevitable.

Bride walking down the aisle.

Traditional Look Pros

Share an intimate moment with those you love. Having all your friends and family present for such a special moment is a beautiful thing to share.

It gives you more time. You won’t need to be ready as early as you would if you were doing first looks beforehand.

Golden Hour. Taking your photos between the ceremony and reception means at least a few of them land during the “golden hour.”

You said yes to the dress. And, it will look it’s best for the ceremony having not gone through a round or two of photos.

Groom tearing up when seeing his bride walk down the aisle.

Traditional Look Cons

Nerves. There is special nervous energy you two will share at the moment when your eyes lock. Cue the waterworks!

Less time to take photos. All photos will need to be taken in the time between your ceremony and reception, which means there is a chance some will need to be cut.

No time alone after the ceremony. You just got married to the love of your life, but there is still a lot of things to do before you get a moment alone. 

Not as intimate. This is a once in a lifetime moment between you and your partner, and it can be challenging to savor with the pace of the ceremony.

No matter which option you choose, the most important thing is that you get to say I do – your way!

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