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Editorial and Photojournalistic Photography

Photography Style 101

One of the most creative aspects of photography is being able to use a multitude of photographic styles in the same session. This can help to showcase many different looks, with just one shoot! These two styles are called editorial photography and photojournalistic photography. Even though editorial and photojournalistic photography may seem similar to a lot of people, there are actually some big creative differences between the two.

bride stands in a strip of sunlight on a persian rug with her cathedral veil trailing beside her. Editorial and photojournalistic photography. Image by jenny Fu


The best way to think about editorial photography is that the image is set up in a way that is considered “magazine-worthy.” This means it will fit nicely for print or in an online publication. In general, editorial photos are:

  • Posed, creative, and dramatic
  • Cleaner overall, with less background clutter or excessive people
  • Suitable for a magazine spread and full of space that is ideal for layering text directly over images
  • Focuses on and showcases the fashion aspects of images
Bride smiles down the table at her blurred out bridesmaid in the evening over candlelight. Editorial photography.
Bride holding a large bouquet of mixed white flowers and wearing a lacey, sheer gown that shows her legs from mid-thigh with a beautiful green space behind her. Editorial images taken by Jenny Fu
Bride and groom wrap their arms around each other and kiss underneath fireworks at their wedding in Bali. Editorial wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
Bride wraps her arms around her groom's shoulders while they both watch fireworks exploding above them in Bali. Editorial image by Jenny Fu studio
Stunning bride stands beneath her cathedral veil and looks off the side as the veil trails behind her.
bride and groom pose with her shoulder on his chest and look toward each other under the archway leaving to a elegant staircase
Gorgeous bride looks out the back window of a yellow cab in new york with her mom and son behind her in the cab with her. Editorial image by Jenny Fu.


Photojournalistic photography gives the photographer and client more room to be themselves with less direction. Using a “fly on the wall” approach will help capture the personality and uniqueness of the people in the images. Some of the main features of photojournalistic images are:

  • Completely unposed and undirected (aka, “You just be you!”)
  • Unobtrusive and informal, with no agenda or intention
  • Full of candid moments to evoke a wide spectrum of feelings and raw emotions
A bride gets into a yellow cab in New York as her veil blows in the wind and her ring bearer tries to catch it
a group of wedding guests gather around a table to enjoy each other's company and toast the bride and groom in this intimate backyard wedding. Photojournalistic style by Jenny Fu studio

At Jenny Fu Studio, we produce both editorial and photojournalistic photography styles. During a shoot, we make sure to always have a mixture of both styles to share with our clients. We tend to shoot editorial during the portraits of the bride and groom. During the majority of the rest of the day – getting ready, ceremony, dinner, reception – we lean toward a more photojournalistic style. By mixing up the styles, you end up with a nice mixture of magazine-worthy and emotion-evoking images that perfectly complement each other. Having many of both styles also shows my clients how model-worthy they are. And then makes them laugh, cry, and feel all the feels from their wedding day!

bride comes down the stairs to do her first look
bride and groom enter a sunny room, hand in hand, smiling and celebrating their first moments as husband and wife. Photojournalistic image by Jenny Fu Studio
bride wearing a flowing dress stands in a courtyard in a patch of sunlight and her shadow shows up on the wall perfectly
a bride and groom in silhouette as they walk down a hallway into a well-lit reception hall with the bride's cathedral veil trailing behind them
bride and groom exit the church and come down the stairs smiling and laughing to the applause of their wedding guests. Photojournalistic image by jenny fu
bride and groom stand up and kiss each other at the head table while their guests walk past
wedding guests sing and dance underneath a pile of flying paper confetti
fun with sparkling lights during a reception in Bali
bride smears cake on her groom's face during their cake cutting. photojournalistic photography by Jenny Fu

Update: August 2022

If you want candid moments and portraits that make you look like a model, you can expect us to deliver both! We’re so excited to show you some of our newest images this year.

Let’s tackle more about editorial and photojournalistic photography styles.


With editorial photography, you can imagine a jaw-dropping bride and groom portrait like that in fashion magazines. How about couples hugging and kissing in the sunset, showing how naturally in love they are? Editorial photos tell the beautiful love story of couples in a staged way but still look natural. You can also expect to see pretty details like the bride’s dress, wedding stationery, rings, jewelry, tablescapes, flower arrangements, etc. All of these images elicit a high-end, romantic luxury feel.

An elegant tablescape at Tavern on the Green. Editorial wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are happily sitting on the head table. Wedding cake in the background. Editorial image by Jenny Fu Studio.
The bride and groom are smiling happily at 620 Loft & Garden, NYC, with the St. Patrick's Cathedral in the background.
The bride is standing, looking sideways, in her classic, beautiful wedding dress, with elegant hotel backdrop. Editorial photography by Jenny Fu Studio


Photojournalistic photography, on the other hand, is candid documentary-style. If you’re camera-shy, you’ll surely love this photography style. We capture those ‘magic moments’ and heartfelt, raw emotions. We let the day unfold naturally, capturing genuine moments and feelings in the wedding events as it happens. From the getting-ready photos to the reception, all are captured in a snap.

Both editorial and photojournalistic wedding photography styles are our expertise with over ten years of experience. We deliver the perfect mix of both styles that our clients adore and love. At Jenny Fu Studio, we are proud to say that our work is featured in publications such as Brides Magazine and The Knot Wedding Magazine.

The bride and groom are laughing with the guests as they watch from their table. Photojournalistic Photography by Jenny Fu Studio.
The bride and the groom are smiling happily with the brooklyn bridge on the background. Photojournalistic image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen are chatting happily. Photojournalistic Photography by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are dancing in the middle of the outdoor wedding venue.