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My Top Engagement Session Tips

As if I’m not already excited about your wedding day arriving, pinch me because we also get the chance to work together during your engagement session! I can’t wait to take some time to get you comfortable working with me and being in front of the camera—it’s really going to help your wedding day experience run smoothly and seamlessly. 

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The engagement session is one of my favourite ways to get to know a couple and create something really special together—after all, you’ll be married for a lifetime, but you’ll only be engaged for a short while. Let’s celebrate this tiny blip on the radar of your life where you will be each other’s fiance! 

And, since I want your engagement shoot to be as fun and relaxed as possible, I want to share some tips that will knock the experience right out of Yankee Stadium—figuratively speaking, of course…unless we end up shooting at Yankee Stadium!

engagement photography

Once we figure out the date and time, the rest of the planning for your engagement shoot is so much fun!

Location, Location, Location!

Select a rad location that means something to both of you or appeals to you in some way. I always recommend choosing two locations that are close together but vary significantly in their environment. That way, we can use two distinctly different backdrops to showcase your love.

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What To Do?

Choose an activity or two and bring any props you want along for the fun. Plan for a picnic, dancing, eating ice cream, popping champagne, or something else that is fun or classy and speaks to you as a couple.

Movement creates a gorgeous, natural and real feel in photos, so if you are a couple who likes to move and shake, we can totally add a little of that into your session. And, of course, if you have any props (such as flowers, which are always a beautiful addition to any session, or something else), feel free to add them into the mix! Just remember that we’ll be moving around a lot, so try not to bring too many extras and please keep everything in one bag to make it easier to move it.

Furbabies Galore!

Bring your pet for a few shots! Everybody knows that I love to take pictures with my Frenchie, Jefe—who is the most adorable prop ever—so I love it when my clients decide to bring their dogs or other pets to their engagement session. However, it’s really important to know that pets are usually only good for around 10-15 minutes in a session, so if you plan to bring your furbaby with you, please bring along a friend who can take them when we are done playing so we can continue on without them. Also, if you’re bringing your dog, please take them for a long walk or get in a good play session beforehand so they will be nice and chill while we work them into your photos!

Bring Clothing Options

Choose a couple of outfits. Once you have the location and the activities in mind, it’s time to choose the perfect outfits. I recommend choosing a casual outfit that could be worn to a fun or outdoorsy event and a more formal, classic outfit that could be worn on a special occasion like a wedding or a gala. Whatever outfits you choose for your engagement session, you’ll want to look and feel amazing in them, so try to choose outfits that reflect your personality and style. If you’re struggling to find an outfit, I’m happy to jump on FaceTime with you and help you choose! Ladies, if you plan to wear heels, remember to bring a pair of flats to wear as we move between locations and save yourself some sore feet!

Get Gussied Up!

Glam it! Your engagement session is the perfect time to try out the makeup look and hairstyle (for the ladies) or the styling (for the gents) you’ll be using for your wedding, so it’s a perfect opportunity to set up your “trial” with your hair and makeup artists or barber. If you haven’t chosen any yet, I’ll be happy to recommend several in your area. The pros know exactly what you’ll need to help you look photo-ready and bring out your best features. 

Take Time for R&R

Make sure you’re well-fed and well-rested! Modelling takes a lot of energy, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before, don’t eat a lot of salty foods or drink too much alcohol the day before the session (it causes bloating!), and eat a good meal before our session so you have enough fuel to get you through.

Don’t Be Tardy

Give yourself a time buffer.  Get there early for the shoot so we can take advantage of all the best light!

And that’s it! If you follow these simple tips, plan ahead and come prepared, your engagement session will go off without a hitch! We are so excited about your session and we’ll see you soon!

xx JF