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Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer: Part One

Marriage is one of the most important and exciting moments in a couple’s life. Let’s face it: how good is it to be carried away by the wonderful memories of your big day? To relive each special moment, it is essential to rely on the right wedding photographer. I’m dishing out some tips to guide you in choosing the professional that best suits your needs. Plus, I’ll be highlighting which aspects to pay attention to!

Looking for a wedding photographer

The scope of wedding photographers these days is extensive, and the internet reviews are practically endless. Therefore, distinguishing between one professional and another, and finding the most suitable wedding photographer, isn’t for the faint of heart! Friends and family become the most truthful source; don’t hesitate to ask what their personal experiences have been with different photographers.

Wedding fairs are also an excellent opportunity to meet professional photographers, pre-COVID19, of course. By visiting a fair, you can also get in touch with other wedding service providers and collect suggestions for wedding dresses, ideas for wedding planners, and other inspirations.

A biracial couple sits in a hotel room with their wedding photographer
Biracial bride and groom walk through the streets of New York City for their wedding photography
A wedding cake sits on a counter with foliage as decoration
White garden rose wedding bouquet

Contact the chosen photographer in time

As soon as your wedding date is set, contact the wedding photographers who are near you. If you’re planning to get married in the summer and on the weekend, you need to reach out ASAP. Many wedding photographers book up anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in advance!

Meeting in person is also a way to get to know each other better. With a face-to-face meeting, you will immediately realize if the “chemistry” between you is the right one. In addition to these purely emotional aspects, the wedding photographer will be able to show you their photos taken at previous weddings. You’ll also be able to discuss your ideas together.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

If you appreciate a particular photographer’s photography style and there is harmony between you, then it’s time to talk about costs. This is hugely personal, as everyone has different rates. The wedding photographer will accompany you throughout the big day, from the styling before the wedding to the evening celebrations. Of course, a session covering the entire day of the wedding is much more expensive than a few hours limited to the wedding ceremony.

In addition to the time spent, a professional photographer needs additional time to rework the photographic material. If you agree on a flat rate for the service in advance, don’t forget to clear all the details!

Bride and groom wave to passers-by in the streets of New York City
Wedding photographer Jenny Fu snaps a shot of a biracial bride and groom in front of a wooden doorway

Inspiration for wedding photos

The internet (specifically Pinterest) offers tons of wedding photography ideas. Create your own board with the ideas that impressed you the most, and pop over to mine while you’re at it! Instagram is also a good source of inspiration for wedding shots different from usual.

It’s also hugely important to draw inspiration from the photographers you’re considering for your big day. If you notice that they don’t have similar work to what you’re showcasing on Pinterest, they’re probably not the right fit for you.

It goes without saying that a professional photographer does not need to browse the Internet and that his or her experience is more than enough to ensure a good result. In any case, if you have found a motif that you particularly like, the Wedding Photographer will certainly be willing to accommodate you.