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Have A Cake Cutting Or Not

The ceremonial cake cutting moment with your new spouse is a time-honored tradition in the wedding world. There are a ton of different ways to execute the cake cutting if you choose to do it at all. Nowadays, couples are becoming more creative with their dessert options, and are therefore deviating from the customary cake cutting. We love a good cake cutting moment, but is this tradition right for you?

We have been to many weddings, so we have seen all types of traditional and non-traditional dessert setups.

bride and groom share a kiss during their cake cutting at their wedding reception

Main cake cutting types

Traditional. When you make an announcement that you’re about to cut the cake and all your guests gather around to watch and take photos.

Intimate. Choosing to have a more intimate cake cutting, unannounced, lessening the amount of attention you are already receiving on your wedding day.

None. You are opting out of the moment altogether! Not having a cake cutting moment could be because the couple has chosen a non-traditional wedding dessert, such as cupcakes, donuts, or cake pops.

grooms smile at each other beside a wedding cake with lit candles

Something we often hear is that couples are concerned that their partner will do the traditional “cake smash” right into their face. No one wants to be a kill-joy, but hey, you probably spent some money on your hair and makeup and do not want dessert ruining it, and that’s fine! Take a moment with your fiancé before the wedding and let them know you’d love to feed them some cake but let’s keep it clean! Some couples change it up by cutting the cake together and then opting to feed themselves the traditional first bite, cutting down on some inevitable messiness. If you’re not interested in cutting the cake at all, there are alternatives!

bride smears cake on her groom's face during their cake cutting


Mini desserts. Ask your caterer to prepare two unique desserts for you and your new spouse to share. Popular options include donut holes, macarons, cookies, and fresh fruit.

Cut something else. So you don’t like cake but are still wanting the traditional cake moment? No problem, ask your caterer to provide a giant cookie, sweet bar, or another favorite dessert for you to cut.

groom feeds bride a donut on wedding day

There’s no right or wrong way to do it! It’s 2020, and everyone has the right to choose exactly the type of wedding traditions they want to include on their big day.

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