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Picking a Wedding Photographer

The wedding day is probably one of the biggest days of your life. The best way possible for that is to capture every single moment. You can always employ a renowned wedding photographer for the job. In this article, some helpful tips will be given so that you can choose the best wedding photographer for you. 

Define the Right Budget for You

Whenever you spend money on something, there should be no doubt in your mind what you’re spending it on. The best way to avoid doubt while choosing your wedding photographer is to set aside a portion of your total wedding budget. You can spend a bit more if you find a better style of wedding photography or quality of photographs. As this is a one-time investment going slightly overboard will not make you feel guilty.

Determine the Wedding Photography Style

There are different wedding photography styles, and a wedding photographer is primarily capable of capturing photographs in one single style. Some of the most loved wedding photography styles are fine art wedding photography, candid wedding photography, lifestyle wedding photography, and few others. Do your research, identify all the techniques, and decide which one suits you and fits your budget. 

An Asian-American bride wear read and gold on her wedding day
A bride in traditional Chinese red and gold on her wedding day
An Asian American family opens gifts together on the morning of their daughers wedding

Check their Wedding Portfolios

After deciding the right style of wedding photography for you, it is time to shortlist the Nyc wedding photographers that match your requirements. You can check the portfolios of the wedding photographers. If the wedding photographer has a personal or business website, be sure to read the testimonials to ensure that the photographer can do the job.

Select a Consistent Wedding Photographer

It is one of the crucial factors of wedding photography that most people neglect, but you should check for the consistency of the photographer before you select one. Make sure that the photographer is capturing your wedding story as a whole. You can do that by checking to view the entire wedding gallery, not just the best photos you see on Instagram. Carefully check the picture quality and make sure that it is consistent throughout the events, such as pre-wedding and post-wedding.

Meet the Wedding Photographer Personally

If you have chosen the right thing by checking all the things mentioned above, the best thing that you can do is meet the photographer in person or via a video conference. If you email or call the wedding photographer, he or she might not get what you are really looking for, and you can also discuss the photo packages for wedding photography that fit you best. Other than that, you will also get to know about the photographer’s personality and communication skills. 

Once you have done all of the above, there should be no doubt when selecting your wedding photographer. Suppose you live in New York and are looking for someone to capture your wedding day and other events so that you can cherish them in the future. In that case, you can contact Jenny Fu (https://jennyfu.com/) for a mixture of editorial, lifestyle, and documentary wedding photography. Jenny Fu will capture all the special moments throughout the day with ease. The whole process will be well organized and highly professional!

Asian-American bride and groom kiss on a rooftop in New York
Groom and bride holding hands and kissing on a bridge
A bride in a princess wedding dress holds hands with her groom