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Shooting a Winter Wedding in New York

Are you thinking of a winter wonderland wedding in New York? Why not? Despite the cold weather, many beautiful things in winter can provide you with the best wedding photos that you can look back to for a lifetime. Warm brick fireplaces and blankets of snow make for a romantic winter wedding in New York. As such, getting married in the winter season might just be a great idea after all! Here are some ideas for shooting a wonderful winter wedding in New York:

The bride and groom are happily walking in the park, having a winter wedding in New York. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Take Photos at the Majestic Outdoors

In New York, the outdoors has a lot to offer in the winter season when it comes to your photo sessions. You can take your photos at the NY Central Park, which looks enchantingly beautiful in the snow. Or do it at Manhattan, with the magnificent Rockefeller Christmas Tree as your background (you can even ice skate right below the huge tree). You can also take pictures while strolling in the nature trails of the ancient Adirondack Forest and make the snow-blanketed Adirondack Mountain your instant background. Whatever location you choose, you will indeed look lovely amidst the snow-covered trees, mountains, and pathways. Even walking along a snow-sprinkled cobblestone street at the West Village will look romantic. And what a delight it would be if the perfect amount of snow falls on your winter wedding in New York! For sure you will have amazing photos with that. 

Winter outside New York City Hall. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Get Warm and Romantic Indoors

The cozy ambiance, warm fireplaces, and the smell of scented candles make winter weddings in New York very romantic and picture-perfect. Your guests will enjoy sipping hot cocoa and hot cider, cuddling at the cozy fireplaces, and staying at the heated deck at FEAST at Round Hill. And of course, the food is incredible there as well! While at Catlin Manor House & Gardens, you’ll be provided with a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. It’s located in the Hudson Valley and has an inn on-site where out-of-town guests can stay for a night or two and enjoy the celebration. But if you prefer a city venue, you can opt for Brooklyn Winery. It offers a rustic cabin feel right in the middle of the big city! You’ll be transported to a warm, intimate, and romantic world with its wine barrels, cozy booths, wood-paneled walls, old-fashioned lighting, and holiday decor.

Take Advantage of the Holiday-Themed Decor

What’s great about the winter/holiday season is that most venues are very picturesque already with their own holiday decorations. You might not even need to worry about spending a dime on décors, not unless you have a specific theme in mind. And as a bonus, most venues generally charge lower in the winter season compared to other seasons. That means more savings for you. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Show-Off Your Luxurious Coats

Winter is the time to take out your luxurious coats, tuxedos, sequin-covered gowns, and fancy insulated boots. You can also wear custom accessories such as custom jackets and hats, and these would all look fabulous amidst the snow. Just imagine how splendid you will look in your photos!

Park benches and trees blanketed in snow outside New York City Hall.  Image by Jenny Fu Studio