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Small Cake Ideas Perfect for New York City Elopements

The newlyweds are cutting a slice of their small cake in a New York City elopement. Image  by Jenny Fu Studio

Ah! Cakes! What good is a wedding when there’s no cake? Kidding aside, we all know a wedding won’t be complete without a cake. But what if you just decided to elope in New York and your wedding will only be a party of two? Or what if it will just be an intimate wedding ceremony with only the closest people in your circle? Well, many couples nowadays are exactly doing just that, especially with the ongoing pandemic. It doesn’t matter if you have no reception at all! But it does matter when you have no cake. No need to worry, you can always opt for a small cake! And small cakes are just the thing nowadays. As the saying goes, “less is more”! So we want to give you some ideas on how to make your NYC elopement small wedding cake truly special.

Pretty, two-tiered small, white wedding cake with pink flowers on a table with candles, white and pink flowers. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Top with Fruits or Flowers in Season

Don’t be afraid to load your simple cake with flowers or fruits in season! For example, you can decorate your cake with jewel-toned flowers (even leaves) or fruits such as persimmons and pomegranates during fall. You can even combine flowers and fruits! Imagine how splendid your NYC Elopement small wedding cake will be in these lovely toppers.

Simple but beautiful small, white wedding cake with white, violet and light brown flowers with green leaves. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Go for 2 or 3 tiers for your NYC Elopement Small Cake

Since you’re having a small cake, why not make it tall? It would create the illusion of a big cake, especially in photos. And you can add textures to each tier, adding volume to its small stature. Also, what’s good about having additional tiers is that you could choose different flavors for each one. In that way, you wouldn’t have to compromise with your partner.

Use an Elaborate Display

You can place your NYC elopement small cake on an eye-catching cake display. That is, if you’re having an intimate wedding with a small reception. You can go all-out creative on this. And you can personalize the decorations based on your style as a couple. Doing so will bring your cake to the next level.

Add Confections to the Cake

It seems more and more couples nowadays are breaking away from the traditional cake. Some are adding macarons, croquembouche, or even doughnuts! There are two ways to do it. One is to arrange the confections on top of the cake. Another is to place the sweets under the cake on a tiered cake plate, making your small cake the actual cake topper! How cool is that? This will make for an offbeat and fanciful sight to your guests.

Serve mini wedding cakes to guests

Trends in 2021 show that many couples opt to serve mini wedding cakes in a seated dinner to their guests. Of course, they are making their guests’ safety a top priority. But what’s good about serving individual cakes is that you have many options for being creative. You can place the cakes under decorated small glass cloches, serve mini individual croquembouche, or serve mini stacked macarons. Moreover, you can also put those in small, clear boxes as guest favors.

A beautiful two-tiered, naked, small, white wedding cake on a table with candles, pink and white roses and cake cutters in New York City. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

They say a cake at a wedding symbolizes prosperity, good fortune, and fertility. And the bride and groom feeding each other with a bite-sized cake represent their commitment to each other. With this in mind, it doesn’t matter if your cake is small or big. But it should be there to remind you to cherish and care for each other moving forward.