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Using Your Engagement Photos

Having engagement photos taken is a great way to prepare yourself for your big day. But what other uses do they have? I’ve got some fun and unique ideas on how to incorporate your engagement photos into all aspects of your wedding.

Engagement Photos as Invitations

The most obvious way to make use of your engagement shots is to use them on your invitations or save the dates. Whether you use just one or showcase a few, this is a great way to see how your photos will look when printed! I love it when I receive couples’ wedding reminders and get to see my work when I open up the envelope.

It’s also fun for your guests to have some new and beautifully styled photos of you to gush over. It’s finally time for your mom to take your high school grad photo off of the fridge!

Table Numbers

I have only seen table numbers with engagement photos a handful of times, and I really loved it! It’s a beautiful touch and makes your wedding that much more personal and unique. If you feel like it’s too much of yourselves splashed all over the room, you could opt for double-sided numbers. On one side have a simple and elegant digit. Then, when turned, you can see one of your favorite snapshots!

Man carries his fiancee along the road and nestles his nose into her cheek in New York's fire Island
Young woman snuggles into her fiance outside an apartment building in NYC with a fire escape behind them
Man and woman in love stroll the streets in Brooklyn heights, laughing with each other while she holds onto his arm

In the Guestbook

Couples choose to create wedding guestbooks in many different ways. I have seen everything from classic scrapbook style to handwritten notes from guests on Jenga pieces. Whatever you choose to do, I recommend creating something you’ll want to either showcase or look back on regularly!

A unique way to incorporate your engagement photos into your guestbook is by having your images professionally printed and hanging them up! Your guests can then take down their favorite photos and write a thoughtful note to you on the back. Whether you choose to store your photos in a special box, or in a photo album, you’ll always be able to pull them out and read messages from your nearest and dearest.

What are some fun ways you’ve seen people make use of their engagement photos?