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Wedding Postponed? We can help!

Was your wedding postponed? We have some great ideas about how to honor your original wedding date while maintaining a social distance!

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If your wedding has been postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic, it’s important to remember, you’re not alone. You will get married with a glorious celebration, it will just be at a later date.

Not only does postponing your wedding mean you have to wait even longer to marry the love of your life. It also means you are giving up the date you’ve fought so hard to nail down! Instead, why not find a special way to mark the occasion and celebrate what would have been—and, eventually, will be.

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At home ceremony

If you aren’t interested in canceling your wedding outright, why not have a ceremony in your living room or back yard? Videos have been on the rise of couples tying the knot in their home, with two witnesses and their marriage commissioner (6 feet apart of course.) They’ve even had family members tuning in via Zoom! By choosing this route, you still get to become a married couple on the day you’d wanted, AND you’ll get to have a kickass party when it’s safe to do so!

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Write love letters

Okay, we’re not saying you should read your vows to each other now (unless that feels awesome.) But it might be nice to write a little love letter to your soon to be spouse to remind them why you got together in the first place! Think of it as practice for the big day, when you get to say your full vows. Reminiscing on old memories together may be a nice way to remember how far you’ve come as a couple, and how much you have to look forward to!

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Socially Distanced Photos

If your photographer is still working, see if they will take wedding-esc photos from your front step! Posing outside your home is a great way to capture a moment in time – not to mention an excuse to get a little dressed up. When your postponed wedding date does roll around, display some of your favorite shots at your reception to dress up the décor.

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Pop the Bubbly

We all know liquor sales in North America have sky-rocketed over the past month, so why not join in on the fun. Mix up the signature cocktail you’d intended to serve at the reception, or pop some bubbly! You can even FaceTime your wedding party to share in your newlywed libation and have a little happy hour from home. Didn’t have a signature cocktail picked out for your postponed wedding yet? Now’s the time to get creative and make something! Wake up your inner bartender and get crafty – you’ve got nothing but time!

Was your wedding postponed due to COVID19? We want to hear from you! How are you choosing to celebrate your original date? Are you forgoing it and waiting to weather the storm, or is it important to honor your original day? Head over to @jennyfustudio and join us in the comments!