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5 Reasons to get engagement photos captured by NYC Wedding Photographer

The engaged couple is riding electric scooters with their dogs in New York; Engagement photo by Jenny Fu Studio

You might be assuming that I might give a greater emphasis on engagement photo shoots. You might be right here! Engagement portraits are so essential that I make sure to include a pre-wedding shoot in almost all of my packages for wedding photography. But you might be wondering whether or not you should value the engagement photos taken by NYC wedding photographers.

Today, I will share 5 reasons behind my giving importance to your engagement photos in this post!

1. Getting to know your photographer

Your photographer in NYC is a lot more than just a clicking shutter and a lens. She is a person who would be accompanying you for hours on your D-Day, capturing those intimate moments and the unique intricate details. She will record and witness one of the distinctive and emotional days of your life. Let us get the truth here; some things are potential enough to go awkward if you do not build a good relationship with your photographer. The engagement session will allow you to spend time with your photographer so you can use this opportunity to become familiar with them.

2. Build comfort zone around cameras

People at times would be threatened by the camera pointing out in their direction. If you fall under this category where you stand affixed in an awkward position in front of the lens, you need not fear! You will be astonished at how natural and comfortable it is, once you get used to being photographed by an NYC wedding photographer. You will get the opportunity to develop that comfort zone before your D-day by doing your engagement shoot.

The engaged couple are happily hugging each other in New York; Engagement photo by Jenny Fu Studio

3. Building Trust

You will not get a chance to peak at the finished product till your wedding day is over. And that is the reason why it is considered a massive investment, which in itself is pretty scary. Several couples out there cannot imagine what their photos would appear like, even though they have checked out the photographer’s previous work. So having engagement portraits is a great way to build that peace of mind. Plus, you will get a clear sense of what you are investing in with the photographs created for you by the photographer in NYC. This will relax your mind as you get the assurance of how your wedding photos will turn up!

4. Relive those fleeting moments of being engaged

The engagement creates the time of transition where you shift from the dating couple to the married one. And it is the happiest and exciting time that will not be ever-lasting. That’s why having engagement portraits is a great way to preserve those memories to look back for the years to come!

5. Expressing yourself

The ideal opportunity to capture those flattering and beautiful photos taken of you two together is by being unique on your own. And it’s with the help of the engagement sessions with your NYC wedding photographer. This will create an excellent chance to capture the connection between the two of you and express yourself.

The engaged couple are happily chatting while sitting on a side walk in New York; Engagement photo by Jenny Fu Studio