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Choosing the Best Engagement Photographer in New York

The engaged couple is in the riverside with the Brooklyn Bridge and buildings in the background. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

You can’t believe your boyfriend finally proposed during this unprecedented time. And you just had to say YES! Now, you’re engaged and excited to plan for your big day. But this time of being just ‘engaged’ is also an essential milestone in your life as a couple. It’s a special time of just the two of you, in love and just crazy about each other, before being called Mr. & Mrs.; That’s why if you want to capture this extraordinary moment, you should be hunting for the best NY Engagement Photographer in town! There are numerous photographers in New York. How do you choose the best one who can work well with you, make you comfortable in front of the camera, and might also be the one to do your wedding photos as well? Here are some tips on how to choose the best engagement photographer in New York:

Decide on a Photography Style you want

Think of the photography style that you want as a couple. Do you want photojournalistic, traditional, or combined? It will narrow down your search for a photographer if you do this first. Lots of NY Engagement Photographers are skilled, talented, and excellent at what they do. But they have specific ‘specialties,’ so to speak. 

The engaged couple is at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Ask for referrals from family and friends

It’s easiest to dig information from families and friends who have had engagement photo sessions before yours. Ask your family and friends how it is like to work with their recommended NY Engagement Photographer. Also, you can ask them to show you their engagement album. That way, you will already have an idea if you like the photographer’s work or not.

Check the photographer’s portfolio

You should search for the photographer’s website and social media accounts and google their accomplishments, featured work, and client feedbacks. Their actual portfolio is proof of their abilities. Mostly, other wedding vendors refer them to clients. Usually, good NY Engagement Photographers are well-known because they have a reputation for success.

Determine their level of professionalism

Know how many years they have been doing engagement sessions. This will give you a ballpark idea if they are seasoned enough to produce quality results. Of course, a seasoned professional will be able to bring out the best in you. They will make you comfortable and confident in front of the camera. 

Find the connection

Scrutinize their personality. After you’ve asked for referrals from family and friends and checked the photographer’s portfolio, you might already have an idea of the photographer’s personality. Then come consultation, you will be able to gauge if you can work harmoniously together. This is important at this point, especially if you want to hire the same photographer for your wedding day.

The engaged couple is crossing the pedestrian lane at West Village, NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Choosing the best engagement photographer who specializes in the photography style you want and with whom you have an instant connection, is crucial. Why? Because the engagement sessions will serve as a ‘practice’ for your big day. During this time, you’ll learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera. At the same time, you’ll start to build a good relationship with your photographer, which will make your photo sessions fun and exciting.

The engaged couple is in the middle of a street in West Village, NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio