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6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photographer in New York

The bride and the groom are happily standing on the grand entrance staircase of the NYPL. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

When you’re planning your dream wedding and start adding up the prices of all the different elements, it’s natural to start searching for ways to save money. We’ve put together a list of six crucial reasons you should hire a professional wedding photographer, so make sure you take advantage of them and realize the worth of photography.

1. Photography involves more than just an expensive camera

An artist’s brush, a carpenter’s hammer, and a writer’s pen are all tools; it’s how they’re used that generates remarkable results. You want someone who knows how to handle a camera and has taken photographs in a variety of lighting and settings, as well as arranging and executing various shots. 

There’s more to it than just a camera once the photographs are taken; there’s editing, trimming, and putting together an album; Photography is about more than simply a camera.

2. A professional wedding photographer will make it easy for you

An experienced professional wedding photographer will know what photos to shoot and where to be at the appropriate moment. You can let them do their work in peace, knowing that they will be there when you want them to be.

Your wedding day isn’t a picture shoot. It’s a dynamic event with only one opportunity to capture memorable moments. Your photographer will anticipate what will happen next, know the flow of the day, and have already selected the right spot for those beautiful bride and groom images.

3.  Feel comfortable with a professional wedding photographer

Photos from weddings include both staged and candid photos of the bride and groom. As part of your wedding day, you may have requested some group photographs and posed images. You want to feel comfortable and natural, not stiff and awkward. Having the confidence to rely on them is a talent that develops with time and experience.

Your photographs will be more enjoyable if you are calm. It will be like shooting photos with friends without pressure, just fun and lovely natural images.

The groom is kissing the bride on the forehead at the grand entrance of the New York Public Library. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

4. Backup plan

Is the photographer at risk of being unwell, having a medical emergency, or having their computer hard drive crash? Having no photographs on your big day is the worst-case scenario! Professional photographers will always have a backup plan, connections to call on, and several copies of their work.

When it comes to a professional, their reputation is on the line, but an amateur may have no backup plan and may not have the financial resources to back things up.

5. You have only one chance

Hopefully, this will be your only wedding day. Trust and faith in your wedding photography are essential.

The wedding industry is a bustling and competitive sector, and wedding photography is no exception. There is a wide variety of styles, packages, and photographers to choose from. Then, once you’ve decided on your wedding’s style and budget, you’ll be able to cut down your selection of photographers.

6. At the end of the day, it’s all you have

Seeing your wedding photographs afterward may bring back fond memories, allow you to relive moments you may have missed, or capture a moment with your guests.

As a result of the big day, you will only have photographs to look back on and present to your friends, family, and grandkids. You want to make sure that these are happy recollections, not a book that tells you how important photography is and how you wish you had paid a bit more and hired a professional.

Therefore, A professional editorial wedding photographer in New York, such as Jenny Fu, is always the better choice.

The bride and groom are kissing outside the New York Public Library. Image by Jenny Fu Studio