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Best Places to Buy an Engagement Ring in NYC

Black and white photo of the engaged couple sitting close to each other. Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio

What is NYC known for? Aside from skyscrapers and busy streets, NYC is known for nothing else but shopping! And that includes jewelry and diamonds. So if you finally found the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, NYC is the place to hunt for that perfect engagement ring. The New York Diamond District at 47th Street in Manhattan is a tourist spot that houses thousands of jewelers that sell GIA-certified diamonds. We know that purchasing an engagement ring can be overwhelming. So we’ll mention some reputable shops that you could check out.

The engaged couple are sitting on a staircase at New York Central Park. Editorial Photography by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged woman, wearing a beautiful engagement ring, is sitting on a staircase in Central Park. Editorial Photography by Jenny Fu Studio

Ultimate Diamond

They pride themselves as the oldest jeweler in New York’s Diamond District, with 60 years of experience in the industry. Their engagement rings display their expert craftsmanship while harnessing each diamond’s natural beauty, whether earth or lab-grown. What sets them apart is that they educate their customers and establish their trust, making the purchasing process easy and pressure-free. 

Kim’s Jewelry

Kim’s jewelry is a family-owned business operating since 1980. They sell GIA-certified diamonds and are very informative, professional, and quick at responding to customers’ questions. Customers love the fact that they offer high-quality diamonds at a low cost. They are also a full-service jewelry store offering expert jewelry repair.

The engaged woman, wearing a beautiful engagement ring is happily smiling as she is hugged by her fiancé.


Jangmi is known for its excellent customer service, treating every customer as a lifetime VIP. They earned their customers’ trust over the past 30 years by providing excellent quality at affordable prices. You will be comfortable buying the perfect engagement ring at this store as they will work around your budget while guiding you throughout the process. 

NYC Wholesale Diamonds

If you want to build a custom engagement ring, this is the place. NYC Wholesale Diamonds’ founder is a trusted high-end diamond jewelry specialist for 34 years. Their customers say only one thing – the owner was very professional, knowledgeable, and would give the best quality at an affordable price.

Half-body shot of the engaged woman wearing a beautiful lace dress and fur jacket. Photojournalistic Photography by Jenny Fu Studio.
The bride and groom are sitting romantically at Central Park. Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio

R&R Jewelers

R&R Jewelers have been in the Diamond District since 1985. They are a family-owned and operated business that values its customers above all, giving them top-notch customer service. You can set up an appointment with their certified gemologist to learn about all the details and create your ideal engagement ring.

Forever Diamonds, NY

Another family-owned business, Forever Diamonds NY, has been making fine jewelry since 1981. They specialize in high-end bespoke service, including initial consultations,3D CADs of your ring, and the final product. They will go above and beyond to deliver your dream engagement ring, may it be using the diamond from your grandma’s engagement ring or creating a new one. Customers commend Forever Diamonds, NY’s excellent customer service.

The engaged couple are wearing sunglasses in the streets of New York in the night. Photojournalistic Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged couple are happily staring at each other in the streets of New York at night. Photojournalistic Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white image of the engaged couple holding a bottle of wine. Photojournalistic Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Buying such a special ring is a considerable investment. So if you decide to purchase one, it’s best to research and explore all your options to get the best value for your money.