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How to Find the Best Engagement Ring

A diamond engagement ring inside a navy blue box. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

So you’ve been together for quite a while now, and every day is just an amazing day with her. Then you suddenly realize it’s she whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Too sweet! Now, it’s time to propose. But wait, you can’t just go into battle without any weapons, can you? Your partner will be enthralled by you popping the question with a lovely engagement ring. So you need to save up and plan ahead. To help you out, we’ll give you some tips on purchasing the best engagement ring for your beloved:

Think About Her Style

You should take your partner’s style into account in finding a ring she will love. Talk with her closest friends and family members, perhaps her best friend, sister, or cousin, someone she spends a lot of time with. Look at her other jewelry. What are her favorite designs? Does she love modern or vintage? Gold or silver? You could also observe her clothing style and accessories. The way she dresses will indicate the best jewelry design to go with it.

Know Her Ring Size

Again, if it’s a surprise proposal, do your homework, know her ring size! You should be able to slide on the ring easily to her finger but have a little resistance, so it doesn’t fall off. So it’s crucial to know her exact ring size. Thus, turning to her besties for info on this is, again, the best thing to do! You may be lucky they already know if you ask them. Or another way would be to measure it while they sleep. Wrap a string or paper around the base of her finger and mark the point where the ends meet. There are online ring measurers you can check out for help, such as this guide from Blue Nile.

The fiancee is happily staring towards her fiance. Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged couple are standing close to each other, about to kiss. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged woman is happily looking sideways. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Educate Yourself on Diamond Basics

A diamond is the strongest, clearest, and shiniest precious stone ever known to humankind. And they say it symbolizes eternal love and commitment. That’s why you would see most engagement rings to have a diamond, small or large, set on it. However, an engagement ring doesn’t necessarily have to be a diamond or an expensive ring. It can be any ring—as long as it’s a style that your partner will enjoy wearing. But if you prefer to buy a diamond ring, you should know all about the 4 C’s of a diamond – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. Let’s give you some of the basics:


A diamond’s color ranges from colorless to light yellow and brown. The slightest touch of color can make a massive price difference. The most valuable is the colorless diamond, as it is the rarest.


Diamond Clarity refers to how clear or transparent a diamond is. A diamond’s clarity is assessed on a diamond clarity scale with 11 grades which range from included (with inclusions/ blemishes) to flawless (no inclusions). The fewer inclusions or minor imperfections and blemishes of a diamond, the higher the price.


Contrary to what you might be thinking, a diamond’s cut is not referring to its shape like round, pear, oval, etc. Cut quality affects the stone’s interaction with light when moved. Depending on the precision of the cut, it is affecting the overall appearance, brilliance, fire, and sparkle of a diamond.

Carat Weight

A diamond’s physical weight is measured in metric carats. While it’s true that a larger carat weight is more expensive than a smaller one, you will be surprised that it is not always better. A diamond with a smaller carat weight and an excellent cut may appear better than a larger carat weight but with a poor cut. 

The diamond engagement ring is inside a baby blue box. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride is wearing her oval-shaped diamond engagement ring. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The diamond engagement ring and wedding bands are placed on top of a cartier velvet pouch. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The diamond engagement ring and wedding bands are placed in pink boxes with pretty pink flowers on the sides. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The diamond engagement ring and wedding bands are placed on top of a brooklyn bridge photograph. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
A diamond engagement ring and wedding bands. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Make Sure it’s Certified

A diamond ring might be one of the most expensive and significant purchases you’ll ever make in your lifetime. So make sure to buy a stone certified by a diamond certification laboratory with a high reputation in the industry, such as GIA or AGS

Know the Best Metal for the Bands

Engagement rings mostly have yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, or platinum bands. Each metal has its unique character. In choosing a metal, you should consider your fiancée-to-be’s style. Make sure that the metal you’ll choose will be aligned with her jewelry preference and complement her fashion style as well.

The woman is emotional as her partner proposed to her in NYC. Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white photo of the engaged couple happily laughing after the proposal. Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio
The newly engaged couple are happily drinking champagne after the proposal. Image by Jenny Fu Studio