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Choosing a “Day-After” Session

Vinh and Caleb are not your typical groom and groom. To begin with, they chose to have a “day-after session,” instead of day-of wedding photography. The two met on a dating app and realized that they actually had some mutual friends but had somehow never met! On their first date, they went to Comic-Con together. Vinh had never been before, but they went to a panel about a television show they both started watching together called Steven Universe.

Gay husbands hold hands in the West Village NYC
Husband and husband embrace in the West Village
Two men with their arms around each other in New York City shooting a day-after session

At the event, they ended up winning tickets to see the panel and meet the entire cast. While at Comic-Con, Caleb won another set of tickets to meet the cast. But, remember, they already had tickets. There was a girl in full cosplay as Alexandrite, including face painting. Her father was with her doing all he could to win tickets to meet with the cast. So, Caleb gifted the second set to the young girl, who instantly started crying, so she could meet the cast too.

“His kindness won me over. It was a really memorable day.”


A Quarantine Wedding

After dating for three years, these two decided while they were in quarantine that they wanted to tie the knot. This meant a minimal and private ceremony. Because of COVID19 lockdowns, there were only four guests in attendance for their Zoom wedding. So, these two opted to go without a day-of wedding photographer and hired me for a “day-after” session. A “day-after” session is kind of like the trash the dress concept. Except it’s just the day after you get married! This can be a lot of fun, as you’re still in a lovey wedding haze, and all the stress of wedding planning is in the past! Plus, you’re wearing your new bing (wedding bands) and can still wear your wedding attire.

Groom and groom in New York photographing a day-after session with wedding rings
Groom and groom married laughing in love at Washington Square Park in NYC
Groom and groom hugging in the street NYC

After a few setbacks with their original wedding plan, Vinh and Caleb decided to have the ceremony in their living room. Vinh cleared off a wall and made the floral arrangements. Four close friends were their wedding party (aka their quarantine circle)! Because everything was set up the evening before, they got to rehearse and hang out before the big event.  The six exchanged laughs, gifts, tears, and some Dom Pérignon. Then, it was time for the main event! Vinh and Caleb got married in their kitchen/dining/living room. Everyone joined in via Zoom and had their own little watch parties in the comfort of their own kitchen/dining/living rooms. The next day, we shot their day-after session, and it was so romantic!

“I was shocked to find out no one could tell where we were! This is our first apartment together, just us two, and we spent a lot of time in quarantine together here strengthening our bond even more.”

Husband and husband hugging during a day-after session in NYC
Two men holding hands in New York City

“I love that everyone watching had little viewing parties.  Even though they weren’t all with us, our wedding still brought people together in a tough year.