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Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Are you enjoying the engagement stage right now and, at the same time, excited to plan for your wedding? Or are you just enjoying your engagement but dreading even starting planning your wedding? Are you thinking of hiring a wedding planner but stop when budget crosses your mind? Well, excited to plan or not, relax because you’ve just come to the right blog as we’ll give you the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner.

The bride and the groom are saying their vows in Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio


Stress-free Planning 

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have enough time even for yourself, hiring a wedding planner is definitely for you. Imagine you and your partner going through about six months to one year of the wedding planning process. Determining the wedding date, designing your wedding, scouting for venues, researching for different vendors (e.g caterers, wedding photographers & videographers, wedding bands, DJs, bridal salons, etc.), reaching out, coordinating with each of them, going through vendor contracts, and the list goes on. First of all, do you have the time? Second, do you love organizing and coordinating events? Third, do you already have a clear picture (theme, motif, design, etc.)? If so, then, by all means, go ahead and do it yourself. But if not, then you strongly need a wedding planner to enjoy your engagement period and have stress-free wedding planning.

The bride is hugging one of her bridesmaids. Hiring a wedding planner image by Jenny Fu.
The groom is opening a gift inside a room with two women. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and her bridesmaids are coming out of the hotel. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and her bridesmaids are preparing for the ceremony in a room inside The Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Help You Save Money

Do you know that your wedding planner could negotiate the price with wedding vendors? A planner in the business for a long time has already established a good working relationship with several vendors. In effect, they could bring the cost down up to 10%. So, maybe it’s more cost-efficient to hire a wedding planner after all! 

Recommend the Best Vendors 

Experienced wedding planners certainly know who gives the best services amongst the vendors. They can also recommend great vendors which you might never find on your own. This will save you tons of time researching online.

The bride and the groom are kissing each other in front of a beautiful fountain. Hiring a wedding planner image by Jenny Fu Studio

Will Scrutinize Vendor Contracts

Who’s excited to read a lengthy vendor contract while scrutinizing every detail? Umm, we’re not sure about that. If anything, it would be great if you could have somebody proofread the contracts for you before you sign them to make sure you don’t miss important details. One important tip is you cannot overlook some points in your wedding vendor contracts because it might lead to undesirable things happening at your wedding.

You and Your Family will Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Let’s face it; you cannot just rely on yourself to coordinate all your vendors on your big day! Your wedding planner will be the one to navigate everyone on the day of your wedding to ensure that it will go smoothly. In effect, you, your partner, and most importantly, your families will enjoy your wedding day as if they are just one of the guests, instead of you delegating a specific job for them to do. If you don’t have the budget to hire a wedding planner, we recommend hiring a day-of coordinator instead. Trust us; your wedding day will be the most memorable ever if you don’t have to worry about anything. Plus, it will radiate on your wedding photos too. 

Black and white image of the bride walking down the aisle with her mother in The Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
A group of three musicians playing musical instruments at a wedding. Hiring a wedding planner image by Jenny Fu Studio
The groom is lovingly kissing the bride in their wedding reception at The Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Image by Jenny Fu Studio


Budget Constraints

Hiring a wedding planner might not be for you if you want to keep prices at the very minimum for your wedding. Though a wedding planner can help you save on other vendors, the cost of hiring one can also be expensive. So work with your budget to see whether or not you can hire a planner.

You won’t Have Full Control

Hiring a wedding planner means you cannot control all the details of your wedding. If you’re a very hands-on person and want to be one at your wedding, then a wedding planner might not be for you. A planner is involved in the whole wedding planning process. So it means you would have to leave some things up to the planner.

The bride and groom are doing their first dance in The Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and a group of guests are having a fun time at the reception. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white editorial image of the bride and groom dancing with guests. Hiring a wedding planner image by Jenny Fu Studio