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Fall Engagement Photo Session Ideas in NYC

The engaged couple is sitting on a wooden bench amidst beautiful foliage in orange and yellow hues. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Fall is probably the best time of the year for engagement photo sessions in New York City. The weather is perfect, not too cold nor too hot. And there’s lovely foliage with falling leaves that are changing colors. With this, you have an instant magnificent backdrop for your fall engagement photos! Now here are some ideas for you to have the perfect fall engagement photo session in NYC:

The engaged couple is walking outdoors with lots of trees. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and the groom are amidst the beautiful flowers in Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, NY. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Fall Engagement Location

Capture the bright foliage in one of New York City’s many beautiful parks. The massive Central Park provides you with a lot of options for doing your engagement photo session. You can take pictures at the beautiful walkway called The Central Park Mall, Bethesda Terrace Arcade and Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge, or Gapstow Bridge. But since these areas are attractive for tourists, it’s better to choose off-days and off-hours to ensure fewer people. You can also opt for a boat ride at The Loeb Boathouse, which costs $20/hour (Cash Only) with a $20 cash deposit. Another picturesque idea at Central Park is to ride a horse-drawn carriage. Other parks famous for fall engagement sessions are Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Bryant Park, and East River State Park, among others. Also, other popular picturesque locations are Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, West Village, and Soho.

Fall Engagement Outfit

Now, in choosing an outfit for your fall engagement photos, you should opt for jewel and earth tones because they will best complement the intense colors of fall leaves. Colors such as mustard and navy, a mix of red and blue, forest green and white, darker shades of orange, purple and yellow, or grey, denim, or brown with a pop of color all go best with autumn leaves in the background. It’s also good to add accessories and props that complement your outfits to add fun and texture. You can bring two outfits for variety and options. And since it can be a bit cold, bringing scarfs or blankets if you’re not wearing sweaters is a wise idea. Plus, those can add accent to your outfits, too.

The engaged couple is standing a meter apart, amongst the beautiful fall foliage. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Golden Hour

Wanna add a touch of magic to your photos? Try scheduling your engagement sessions during the golden hour, which is the hour just before sunrise and after sunset. Also called “magic hour,” it’s the time of day when the sun’s angle against the earth creates a soft, warm, gentle glow to everything the light touches. When the sun is low, and near the horizon, it creates long shadows that provide warmth, texture, depth, and interest to your fall engagement photos. It will take the strong red, orange, gold, rust, yellow, and brown hues to a whole new level. That’s the reason why most photographers prefer shooting during the golden hour. You can take advantage of it so you can have stunning, romantic, and magical photos.

The engaged couple is walking happily amidst the foliage and colorful flowers in orange and yellow hues. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged couple is standing on a trail filled with fall leaves, amidst the beautiful fall foliage. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Relax, Be comfortable, Be yourself, and Have Fun!

So you have chosen your perfect location and outfit that looks stunning with the autumn leaves, especially during the golden hour. Now it’s time to relax and be comfortable in front of the camera. The best way to capture that love between you and your fiancé or fiancée is to have fun and be yourselves! Being comfortable in front of the camera and working with your photographer will also prepare you for your big day.

The engaged couple is happily holding beautiful flowers amidst the beautiful fall foliage. Image by Jenny Fu Studio.
The engaged woman is happily touching a beautiful orange flower amidst the beautiful fall foliage. Image by Jenny Fu Studio