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How to Choose a Wedding Planner for Your Destination Wedding

Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding | Jenny Fu Studio

Now that you know all the benefits of hiring an event planner for your wedding, you should be satisfied with your planner choice. There are many fantastic wedding planners in the area, but finding the right one for you and your partner may sometimes be difficult. Many high-end wedding venues will have their own wedding planners. If you choose to have a destination wedding, you should contact an experienced planner in that specific location. First, select your wedding destination, and then find a local Wedding Planner.

Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding, jenny fu
A groom waits for the first look of his bride in France at their destination wedding | Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding

Before hiring a wedding planner, keep in mind the following:

Determine your budget

Finding your wedding planner may seem like the first step, but determining your budget is the fundamental first step. This also applies to both local and destination weddings. First, you need to check the average wedding price for your Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding. If this number fits your budget, you can continue to plan. If not, you might want to consider having a local wedding. Don’t forget to include other expenses, such as flights and accommodation. Keep in mind that budgets and expenditures can vary according to exchange rates.

Do your research

When hiring a Destination Wedding Planner, you will get to choose your wedding details, but you have to do your research before the fun part. Study the logistics and legal aspects of getting married abroad. You’ll want to read the reviews for the wedding venue you are considering. Finally, contact a team of dedicated companies to help you connect with the right Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding. Using a good wedding planner agency will save you a lot of time searching.

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Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding

Consider language

When it comes to a Wedding Planner for destination wedding, language and communication may be the biggest hurdle. Ideally, you want to hire a Destination Wedding Planner who speaks your local language. Communication is vital between you and your planner. You don’t want to be disappointed due to a lack of communication and the language barrier. You may have a very clear vision of what you want for your wedding. So, you should be able to relay this to people who are meant to make this reality.

Have a video chat

It may not be your budget to travel to your destination to meet your Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding beforehand. Fortunately, technology is making face-to-face communication more accessible than ever. It is essential to schedule a video chat with the platform of your choice before paying the deposit. This allows you to electronically meet and speak to the planner beforehand to determine if they are the right choice. Make a list of the critical questions you want to ask before the call. Their answers will help you understand more about the planning process and the requirements needed to pull off your dream wedding.

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Availability during the planning stage

Your Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding will be responsible for all the arrangements, but sometimes they still need your input. Most wedding planners do their best to accommodate your schedule. This involves taking into account different time zones. Sure, they’ll have their full attention during your wedding weekend, but you need to think about their time during the planning stage. This means that you may need to be flexible about scheduling your meetings at off-hours. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort on both ends.


An experienced wedding planner should help manage all of your wedding details and make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding, jenny fu
Bride and groom kiss at their destination wedding in France
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