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What to Look For In a Wedding Planner

Deciding on choosing the perfect wedding planner is a tough decision to make and is an important step that needs a lot of consideration. Wedding planners play a significant role in taking care of every arrangement for your wedding and thus hold a big responsibility. They abide by adding all the items to your checklist and execute every item within a set budget. Therefore, choosing the right wedding planner who will create your perfect wedding with all their experience is an essential step with many things to consider. 

Wedding aisle created by a wedding planner in Bali
Coconuts sit on a table in Bali during a wedding
A white couch surrounded by greenery, executed by a wedding planner

A few important things to look for in a wedding planner are:

1. Portfolio

The foremost thing to look at when choosing a wedding planner is their portfolio. The portfolio tells a lot about the work and experience of a wedding planner. This gives you a clear vision of their style and enables you to understand what you are looking for. The different works of a wedding planner will help you understand the versatility and skills present in them, helping you decide if they are fit for taking up the task of planning your wedding.

2. Personality 

The wedding planner which you ultimately choose must possess a personality that matches your opinion of them. They should be able to tackle all the heavy burden of organizing and carrying out an entire wedding while keeping their cool and giving their best to make your big day reach beyond your expectations.

Wedding planner in NYC hangs vines on a brick wall
A wedding with banquet tables covered in flowers, ordered by an NYC wedding planner

3. Trustworthiness 

Being able o trust and rely on your wedding planner is essential to have a stress-free wedding. Your wedding day’s timeline can be very hectic as you will have to find time outside of work, invite all your relatives and friends to your wedding, and while answering tons of emails regarding your wedding. This is when you need to depend upon a wedding planner who can carry these burdens. Thus, a trustworthy wedding planner is needed.

4. Interpersonal skills

The ability to be able to communicate effectively is critical. A wedding planner must be able to communicate effectively with you and respond to all calls, texts, or emails of those serving in the wedding, like the wedding photographer, caterers, decorators, and so on, instantaneously while keeping you informed about the progress of the wedding planning. A prompt and quick-to-revert wedding planner is someone who helps you have a tension-free wedding, which does not seem chaotic.

5. Investment

It is evident that the investment of planning a wedding varies from one planner to the other and depends on the type of wedding you are organizing, whether it is simple or elegant. Your planner’s services reflect what they charge, whether it be planning the entire wedding or just essential parts of the wedding. Discussing the wedding planner’s pricing structure and rate accordingly is necessary to know what falls under your estimated budget.


No matter how well you may organize your wedding, a professional wedding planner works wonders in making your big day the best and the most memorable one. This is also why hiring the right wedding photographer is essential, even though each wedding photographer works differently. Choosing the perfect wedding planner according to your expectations is so worth the investment!

A donut table at a wedding, executed by a wedding planner in NYC
A sign with rose gold wine glasses on a table