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Ideas for your NYC City Hall wedding in 2022

The bride and groom is outside of the Office of the City Clerk to have their 2022 NYC City Hall wedding. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

A lot of big weddings were canceled or postponed throughout 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic. In New York, we’ve seen the popularity of city hall weddings rise because of that. Indeed, couples are not letting anything – even the pandemic – get in the way of marrying the love of their lives. And if you’re one of them who’s planning just to elope and have an NYC City Hall wedding this year, then you’ve come to the right place! Read along ‘coz we’re giving you some fun ideas for a ”very New York” City Hall wedding.

Get your Marriage License 24 Hours before your Big Day

The first thing that should be on your list is to secure a marriage license ahead of time. You can get married at least 24 hours after securing your marriage license. You can also get it early on, but not more than 60 days from your wedding day. However, you cannot just walk in to get a marriage license. You have to schedule a walk-in visit at the Office of New York City Clerk through their website. The good thing is that you can still schedule a virtual appointment for a Marriage License up to date. And the only amount you’ll pay for it is $35 thru a credit card or money order payable to the City Clerk. Once you get your license, you can go ahead and schedule an in-person marriage ceremony and have your NYC City Hall wedding done in no time.

The bride, groom, and a few guests are inside the ceremony room at NYC City Hall. Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom happily went out of the exit door of NYC City Hall after their wedding ceremony. Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Choose your Venue!

Yes, NYC City Hall is perhaps the easiest place to get married (and very affordable too). But that’s not your only option. There are tons of beautiful places around New York City to tie the knot. Some have fees and some are free! These places are photogenic and can give you gorgeous photos. Once you get your Marriage License, you can head off to your choice of venue with your officiant in tow. Here are the classic New York City wedding ceremony venues:

Central Park ( Wagner Cove, Bow Bridge, Dene Summerhouse, Cop Cot, Cherry Hill, Ladies Pavilion, Belvedere Castle Terrace, The Pond, Gapstow Bridge, and Conservatory Garden)

Prospect Park ( Boat House, Picnic House)

Brooklyn Bridge Park

The High Line

New York Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Bridge

The two grooms are in front of the NYC City Hall for their wedding ceremony. Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Hire a Professional NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs will be your most treasured momentos after your wedding day. These are the photos that you can look back to over and over again as you relive your special day. You can share these photos with your future children and pass them on for generations to come because these are the only ones that last a lifetime. So don’t think twice. Go ahead and splurge on the best NYC City Hall wedding photographer who can provide you with excellent quality photos. Take pre-wedding and post-wedding images as well! For sure you would want to remember everything that happened on your wedding day.

The two grooms are crossing Worth Street after their wedding ceremony at NYC City Hall. Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Have Fun after the Wedding Ceremony

Make your wedding day memorable by going to your favorite places and doing what you love the most as a couple. Grab a classic NYC yellow cab and take photos in the iconic Central Park. Go for a stroll in Chinatown or Little Italy and pose at striking spots along the way. Stop by your favorite food truck and eat a quick snack or hold a celebratory brunch with your guests at your favorite restaurant for your reception. Lastly, end the day with a glass of champagne on a romantic dinner cruise and a view of the sparkling NYC skyline. The possibilities are endless! What matters most is that you both go home happy, content, and finally married. As Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “We need moments of joy now more than ever, and we won’t let a pandemic get in the way of true love.”

The two grooms are looking at each other happily while holding hands at Brooklyn Bridge. Elopement image by Jenny Fu Studio