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5 Ideas for a Wedding in the Love Month

Since time immemorial, the word “Love” has been associated with the month of February. It’s because we celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. It’s always been all about hearts, lovers, and flowers. We celebrate the same stuff in love month and weddings. Why not get hitched on the love month itself? We promise it’s not as cheesy as you’d think! Let us give you some fun ideas for a Love Month Wedding.

Wedding rings in pink boxes with peach flowers for a Valentine's day wedding. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Wear a Pink (or even Red) Wedding Dress

We live in a time and day when couples prioritize things that really matter to them. We’re in an era where it’s okay to go against the norm. Actually, the new standard in weddings is something different, something fresh, something we haven’t seen before. Go ahead and wear that pink dress you’ve been dreaming of! Heck, you can even wear a lovely red dress and have your bridesmaids wear white. Maybe that’ll even look great in photos! And that will make your love month wedding such a memorable one.

Go All-Out on Hearts

Consider these decorations: heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped flower wreath (for your flower girls), heart-shaped sunglasses or other heart-shaped props for the guests, heart confetti, red heart sprinkles for your white cake, and a heart neon sign hung on a corner. Hearts symbolize love, and love is what you’re celebrating at your wedding! You can never go wrong with heart accessories at your love month wedding.

Wow your Guests with Flowers

Decorate your whole venue with elaborate flowers, which will surely wow your guests! Do a color palette of red, pink, white, magenta, blue, and touches of greens. It will indeed create a wonderful backdrop for fabulous photos. Aside from that, you could also hand out flower bouquets with chocolates to your guests as wedding favors! We’re sure they’ll be delighted with that!

The bride and groom are kissing under an arch full of flowers. Both sides are adorned by more flowers for a love month wedding.

Dress your Bridesmaids in Red

Alright, if you don’t want to trade the traditional white dress with a different color, then you could dress your bridesmaids in red instead! It will definitely look fantastic in photos! Have them wear different shades of red or pink and let them choose their style.

The bride is wearing her robe, while the two ladies with her are wearing red and pink robes. Love month wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio.

Escape the Cold

If you’ve been planning a destination wedding in the love month, then it’s a perfect way to escape the cold winter and go somewhere warmer. You and your guests will appreciate a perfect beach background rather than a stiff, white, chilly scene. Go ahead and enjoy basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean blue waters. This will even be an excellent excuse for a valentine’s anniversary beach holiday each year! 

Wedding rings placed on top of a red velvet case. Love month wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride is holding a beautiful bouquet with a mix of red, maroon, purple, and white flowers. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
A red clutch is placed on a table with beautiful flower centerpieces. Love month wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio