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A Proposal in Madison Square Park

Marissa and Farzaan are such a beautiful and fun couple. The two first met in the summer while studying at NYU five and a half years ago! When recalling their love story and proposal to me, Marissa and Farzaan remember having an awkward but very endearing first date. 

They met at Washington Square Park and walked over to a restaurant Farzaan couldn’t stop talking about. As they arrived at the new restaurant, they saw that it had been closed due to health violations. Farzaan panicked because there was no back-up plan! They then decided to go to the next closest restaurant, which was a simple burger shack. “We were both so nervous! We just stared at our messy burgers and could only muster up the strength to pick at fries.” After eating, they took a two-hour walk around Greenwich Village and the West Village. The rest is history!

Bride to be and fiancee sitting on a bench in Washington Square Park
A bi racial couple sits on a bench in Washington Square Park talking about their proposal
Bi-racial couple recalling their proposal in Washington Square Park at their engagement shoot
Man and woman kissing on a bench in Washington Square Park

For the proposal, Farzaan surprised Marissa with dinner at their favorite sit-down restaurant. They ate a beautiful coursed menu, which kept being supplemented by additional special courses. This meant dinner ended up being three hours long! Once their stomachs were full, they headed over to Madison Square Park for a walk. They quickly realized it was closed for the night. Kind of reminiscent of their first date isn’t it?! Farzaan kept insisting that they still find a way into Madison Square Park and sit at one of their favorite date spots. But, a man in a hoodie with his face covered (pre-covid) circling the park, so Marissa was very reluctant.

After some convincing, Farzaan and Marissa hopped over the barricades in their finest dinner attire. While they wandered around the park, they came upon a beautiful fountain. It just so happened this is where they had their first kiss. Farzaan ended up dropping down on one knee and proposing right in front of that same fountain! The best part? The person circling the park was Farzaan’s friend, who was there to capture shots of the proposal.

For their engagement photos, we headed to Washington Square Park. During their session, I asked them what they loved the most about one another…

Man spins his fiancee around after his proposal
Bi-racial couple leaning against a wall remembering his proposal
Bride and her fiancee walking down a street in New York City
Engaged couple kissing on 5th Ave in NYC

Marissa: As cliche as it sounds, I really do love almost everything about him! I love his smile. Not to mention how safe and happy he makes me feel, his sense of humor, hardworking nature, and his energy. He is so smart and driven. He inspires me to continually strive to be the best version of myself, and his calming nature brings such peace and balance that I always feel safe. He’s just an overall inspiring and incredible person.

Farzaan: I love her larger than life energy and how comfortable this infectious energy allows me to be. I love how much effort, care and focus she puts towards the people she loves. I love how inquisitive and intelligent she is. What I truly love the most is having someone I can discuss anything and everything with. She is someone I am excited to share my experiences with. Oh, and she’s absolutely beautiful!