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Pros and Cons of Destination Weddings

The bride and groom are walking hand in hand in the middle of lush greens. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Are you currently planning for the destination wedding of your dreams? Whether you’re off to a romantic castle in Europe or a tropical island paradise in the Maldives, we got your back! In this blog, we’ll help you out by sharing some pros and cons of hosting destination weddings.

The bride and groom are kissing in the middle of a beautiful garden. Destination wedding editorial image by Jenny Fu Studio


Only the Best Views on Your Wedding

If you’ve been dreaming of getting hitched in a beautiful tropical paradise, a lovely ranch, or a faraway castle, then you shouldn’t think twice about going to a destination wedding. Not only will your dreams finally come true, but you’ll get stunning photos with breathtaking backdrops.   

Black and white editorial photo of the bride and groom walking along large trees. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Wedding and Honeymoon in One

Probably one of the best pros of destination weddings is that you’re off on your honeymoon in an instant! Plus, you won’t have to spend more on a separate honeymoon trip. Indeed, this is the best way to optimize your budget and your time.

The bride and groom are happily riding the golf cart, going to their wedding. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

You and Your Guests will Enjoy the Wedding Weekend.

Wedding and vacation in one? Cool, right? We promise that the long trip will be worth it! Not only will you be the one to enjoy the beautiful place, but also your guests. You could incorporate fun after-wedding activities that will surely excite your guests. Go on a group hike, ride a jet ski, try snorkeling, or tour the small town and hunt for local delicacies. 

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are happily chatting with each other. Editorial wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Possible Savings  

Contrary to what you may be thinking, destination weddings can be less expensive than traditional ones. It depends on the location you choose and how grand you want your wedding to be. But really, a lot of things cost less in some countries, especially if you go for in-season options.

Editorial wedding image of the bride and groom happily exchanging vows. Image by Jenny Fu Studio


It can be Expensive for your Guests

Destination weddings could be cost-effective for couples but not for your their guests. Airfare and accommodation could be a bit much for some of your family members or friends.  

The bride and groom are dancing on the dance floor as the guests watch and the band play. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white photo of the wedding guests seated on round tables chatting with each other. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio

Your Guestlist is Limited

You could invite everybody, but chances are, there will be more guests who possibly won’t be able to come to your destination wedding than a traditional wedding you might host. Either they don’t have the financial means or the luxury of time to do so.

The bride and groom are happily watching a guest as she reads her speech. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Language Barrier

From planning stages to actually going there, hosting a wedding in a different country poses language barrier threats. There could be a lot of miscommunication between you and the vendors. And it might result in you not achieving your desired outcome on your wedding day.

The bride, groom, and guests are happily dancing the night away. Destination wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio