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Summer Engagement Photo Session Ideas in NYC

The engaged couple is kissing in front of a fountain at Central Park. Editorial NYC engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Summer in New York City is the perfect time to be one with the outdoors. The days are longer, and the parks are filled with lush greenery. So if you’re a couple who’s just engaged, now is an ideal time to have your engagement photos taken! Read on for some tips on how to get the best NYC engagement photos to last a lifetime.

The engaged couple is romantically sitting in a bench at Central Park. Editorial summer NYC engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio
Back view of the couple happily walking in Brooklyn Bridge. Editorial NYC summer engagement photo by Jenny Fu Studio

Wear Outfits That Will Keep You as Cool as Possible

The most important thing is to wear outfits to keep you as cool as possible throughout the photoshoot. A flowy maxi dress, off-shoulder sundress, or a comfy cotton jumpsuit are good options for her. And for him, usually, something simple like a white chic button-down shirt and jeans complements best with any dress. Also, your outfits should complement the summer outdoor backdrop as well.

Hire a Makeup Artist

Most photographers encourage couples to have their hair and makeup professionally done. An engagement session is the best time to do a test run to see how your hair and makeup look in photos. This will make you feel and look your best in your photographs. Plus, you will know what to expect on your wedding day. But if you’re worried about the hot weather ruining your makeup quickly, you don’t need to. Professionals will make sure to use sweat-proof makeup, and you’ll be assured it will last throughout the photoshoot.

Black and white photo of a couple happily walking the streets of New York. Editorial NYC engagement photo by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged couple is staring at each other closely in NYC with buildings in the background. Editorial Engagement image by Jenny Fu Studio

Head out to the Parks

Spread across the five boroughs, you’ll be surprised at the number of parks New York City has. And where best to shoot your engagement photos in summer but a beautiful park filled with century-old trees. Some of the great parks the city offers are Central Park, Washington Square Park, and Riverside Park. In Central Park alone, you have a ton of locations to choose from. You can opt for The Mall, The Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace & Fountain, or even a romantic boat ride at The Lake.

Try Sailing on a Boat

If you’re up for unique and picturesque engagement photos, then go for a cruise around New York Harbor and the island of Manhattan itself! Oh, what a fun way it would be to capture multiple backdrops, such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Brooklyn Bridge, without moving from one location to the next! Not to worry, you can avoid the summer crowd and get packed like sardines by hiring private tour boats.

Utilize the Golden Hour

The best time to get the perfect lighting for your summer engagement photos is during the golden hour. In photography, it’s sometimes also called the ‘magic hour,’ which is an hour after sunrise or before sunset. During this time, the daylight is softer because the sun is closer to the horizon. So you better plan ahead of time if you want those great shots taken! Indeed, it’s the perfect time to capture those ideal NYC engagement photos.

The engaged couple is hugging each other in New York City, with a yellow cab ad buildings in the background. Editorial image by Jenny Fu Studio