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Tips for Booking a Wedding Venue in NYC

The bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen are standing on the grand staircase. NYC wedding venue image by Jenny Fu Studio

A wedding in New York City is like the pinnacle of all weddings. A lot of couples are dreaming of getting married in NYC. Why? It’s because of the gorgeous wedding venues the city offers! From beautifully-manicured gardens atop a building to luxurious event spaces with skyline views, you could have everything you ever wanted in a venue. But before you spend that hard-earned cash on booking your NYC wedding venue, it’s wise to check these things first:


NYC is a bustling city. Thus, you can expect events popping up, especially during weekends. So before booking that wedding weekend, you should check for any concerns that might affect your wedding. There might be major events on your big day. If your venue is a hotel, you and your guests might be short of rooms, as many rooms might already be booked. Or, if it’s a park, restaurant, or other venue that might be in the way of a major parade, it might be an issue for your guests.


It’s your wedding day. Of course, nothing terrible will happen to your guests. You made sure everyone would be safe at your wedding. But, the truth is, you really wouldn’t ever know! So it might be best to think about liability insurance when booking your wedding venue. Do they have insurance that will cover guests from unfortunate events? If yes, what is the specific coverage? If none, you might think about getting separate wedding liability insurance.


Depending on the season, some NYC wedding venues already have a statement of their own with regard to decor. If you’re already in love with how the venue looks as it is, you’re in luck! You wouldn’t even have to pay more for decor.

Plan B

What will you do if your booked venue suddenly shuts down permanently about two weeks before your event? Sounds unbelievable, but it can happen (it already happened to an event company in the US). So having a plan B will surely save you from that disaster.

The bride and bridesmaids are preparing for the wedding. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bridesmaids are fixing the bride's dress and hair before the wedding. Wedding venue image by Jenny Fu Studio
The groomsmen are laughing, chatting and drinking while waiting for the wedding ceremony. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are happily walking in the hallway. Wedding venue image by Jenny Fu Studio


Most couples book a venue based on its reputation. If a venue has excellent reviews regarding service and working relationships with clients and other vendors, then booking that venue should be a good decision. 

Vendor Network

Find out if the NYC wedding venue has tie-ups with vendors. In that case, you might be able to get discounts with other vendors if you’re referred by your venue. Also, some venues have their preferred vendor list. So it might be an issue if you would like to bring in specific vendors, like a photographer of your choice.


Make sure to check all inclusions in the venue, especially furniture rentals. Some include these for free, while some charge a fee. This can significantly affect your budget. Thus it’s essential to know the details.

Additional Costs

Here are some items that can add up to your costs (as venues differ on what they do or don’t provide for free):


Corkage and cake-cutting fees

Rentals (tables & chairs, silverware, linens, etc.)

Wedding liability insurance

Wedding Planner

Day-of Coordinator

Service charges and taxes

Storage and late pick-up fees


An elegant wedding ceremony set-up. Wedding venue image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are happily walking away from the aisle as the guests cheer on. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white image of the bride and groom dancing on the dance floor. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white image of the happy guests seated on the dining table in the wedding reception. Wedding venue image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride, groom, and guests are lifting their wine glasses for a toast. NYC wedding image by Jenny Fu Studio