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Using Pinterest to Your Advantage

As you may or may not know, a lot of Pinterest’s early adopters were brides who used Pinterest to plan their wedding. Nowadays, Pinterest is a haven for anything and everything! Craving one single cookie? Pinterest will find you a recipe in no time. Are you interested in learning how to make macrame plant hangers? You’ll find a tutorial on someone’s board, no problem. 

What I’m getting at here is that Pinterest is an incredible place to find the things you love and put them all in one place. In this instance, I’m talking about everything wedding and engagement related! I recently had an engagement shoot with a couple who wanted a pretty specific look to their photos. The bride to be supplied me with her own mood board, and it was legit. Not only did having this before the engagement shoot ensure we got exactly what they were looking for, but it also helped with a clear vision of what we wanted out of the shoot. It also encouraged me to shoot in new and different ways I hadn’t thought about.

I’ve put together a couple of ideas on how to create a stunning mood board for your wedding (and wedding photographer). If you’re into the cut and paste thing, this could be done with magazine cut-outs (pre-Pinterest style) or a GoogleDoc!

Make use of the separation Pinterest has integrated.

Gone are the days of one giant board with hundreds of pins to sort through. You can now create sub-boards within your boards; shout out to my ultra-organized brides who are squealing right now! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think of it this way. You have your board called “Engagement Shoot,” and inside of this board are a bunch of sub-boards such as outfits, makeup, hair, location, poses, etc. You can include a link to your board for your photographer so they can see what your vision is, and voila!

Engaged couple kissing in middle of tree lined New York City street
Same sex male couple holding hands as they walk over rocks in gorge

Installing the Pin-It Button

Have you ever wondered how things magically appear on Pinterest? By creators and people like you who share something with Pinterest! You can install the Pinterest extension, which allows you to pin images from other websites directly to your boards. Here’s a link to adding the extension. Now the next time you’re cruising around on BRIDES.com for wedding inspiration, hover over a photo you love. You should see the little red Pin button, which will allow you to start saving images. 

Note: Some websites (like mine) may have extensions already in place for you to Pin your desired photos. Take a look at these photos; when you hover over them, “pin it” will pop up in the bottom right corner.

Pro-Tip: Take a look at your photographer’s Pinterest or website before you put this together and try to include some of the photos they’ve already taken. Matching parts of their style will ensure you don’t find yourself searching for a “vibe” they don’t specialize in.