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How to Ensure Your Wedding Goes Smoothly

As you begin your wedding preparations, one question can divide you and your partner; is it really necessary to hire a wedding planner? We talk about marriage as being the happiest day of our lives, but we forget to point out that the months preceding it are often marked by stress! A great wedding planner and wedding photographer are there to manage the smallest details of the preparations for you.

Gain the experience of a wedding planner

Calling on a Wedding Planner means taking advantage of their experience to avoid pitfalls. They also have access to gems in terms of reception venues or draw inspiration from weddings they have organized in the past. The wedding planners will use their experience and know-how to ensure the success of your big day.

A brides bouquet sits on a chair, organized by her wedding planner
Blonde bride looks into the camera holding her bouqet
A wedding planner fans out the brides veil

Ensure the wedding of your dreams comes true

How do you imagine the happiest day of your life? Whether you want a simple wedding or an extravagant party, your Wedding Planner will help you bring your project to life, down to the smallest detail! The wedding planner will put you at ease from the first meeting and naturally establish a relationship of trust. You will then be able to share with them your ideas, desires, and personal taste, all while letting yourself be guided by their advice. The adventure can then begin!

Get advice from your wedding planner every step of the way

Even if you are free to choose all the details of your wedding, the wedding planner can advise you throughout the preparations. An agency specializing in the organization of weddings usually in four steps; listen, anticipate, organize and execute. Wedding planners will give you their best advice so that your wedding takes place without setbacks or unpleasant surprises. This is why the Wedding Coordinator will also accompany you to appointments with service providers. Their role is also to give you ideas you may not have thought of.

A groom holds his brides hand at the of a staircase surrounded by flowers a wedding planner placed
A bride and groom being married in an old home with vintage chandeliers

Delegate the wedding vibe

Many wedding planners offer the bride and groom add-ons such as helping with the wedding’s decoration and design. Depending on the couple’s unique style and wishes, the Wedding Coordinator takes care of setting up all the decorations on the big day, from the ceremony to the reception hall.

Discover breathtaking ceremony and reception venues

Thanks to their address book and knowledge of the community at their fingertips, wedding planners can show you places you had no idea about! Just like wedding photographers, wedding planners have often been all over New York City. From rooftop ceremonies in Manhattan to reception dinners with the NYC skyline in the background, wedding planners and photographers will help you discover hidden gems.

A wedding reception in the backyard of a historic building
Bride and groom share an intimate moment at their wedding reception
Newlyweds dance under string lights

Enjoy your big day

Wedding Coordinators really are the conductor of your day. By hiring one, you’ll get to enjoy every minute without worrying about any unforeseen events. Wedding planners check that all the ceremony and reception decorations have been installed the day before, supervise the service providers, and welcome your guests. Until the end of the evening, wedding planners ensure that each step goes smoothly.