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Weddings in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como with houses and trees in the background. Wedding in Italy image by Jenny Fu Studio

Often called the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Como in Italy is also one of the most sought-after wedding destinations of all time, especially for Luxury weddings. It is famous for its mild climate, lush Mediterranean flora, and attractive villas (built since Roman times) on its shores. Literally, every angle provides a gorgeous background for timeless photos. These are the reasons why Lake Como is at the top of my list when it comes to Italian wedding destinations. So if you are thinking of having a wedding in Italy, keep reading as I give you a glimpse of what it is like to have a Lake Como wedding.

Facade of Villa Confalonieri 1913 in Lake Como, Italy. Wedding in Italy image by Jenny Fu Studio
A wedding dress hung inside a room at Villa Confalonieri, Lake Como. Wedding in Italy image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride is standing on the top of the stairs, her long veil flowing down at Villa Confalonieri, Lake Como

Best Wedding Venues in Lake Como 

Villa Pizzo

With a very ancient history dating back to the 15th century, Villa Pizzo is a luxurious wedding venue in Lake Como. This historical villa has charming gardens and a terrace with a 180-degree view of the lake, which convinces couples to have their wedding ceremony on that terrace. Its location is convenient as it is near Como town, and wedding attendees can reach it by car or private yachts and elegant water taxis. Indeed, this pastel pink-dyed building is one of the best wedding venues in Lake Como.

Villa Balbiano

Indulge in Italian opulence on Lake Como at Villa Balbiano. This lake-side luxury villa once hosted elaborate banquets since the 16th century. It has glorious baroque frescoes, timeless marble floors, antique furniture, and historic pieces of art that will leave you and your guests in awe. Additionally, the beautifully manicured gardens enveloping the villa complete the magnificence of this venue. And what’s even better is they have six luxurious rooms in the main palazzo to accommodate up to 14 people — perfect if you’re planning to stay for a few days.

Villa Sola Cabiati

Another 16th-century villa, Villa Sola Cabiati, has a Neoclassical style of architecture. Great artists embellished the halls and rooms with elaborate stuccoes and frescoes. There are paintings, priceless collections of tapestries, majolica, and Chinese vases that will transport you back in time. Outside the villa lies a beautiful Italian garden with scented trees, flowers, and an outdoor pool where you can host a day-after brunch for your guests. Its proximity to Grand Hotel Tremezzo makes it an ideal place to hold your wedding ceremony, as your guests can stay at the hotel and conveniently reach the villa by boat or car in just about five minutes.

View of the mountains and towns at Lake Como. Wedding in Italy image by Jenny Fu Studio
Editorial image of the bride and groom both smiling. Wedding in Italy image by Jenny Fu Studio
Italian pastries at Villa Confalonieri, Lake Como. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Things to Do in Lake Como

There are many amazing things to do in Lake Como. If you will be staying for a few days after the wedding, why don’t you try the following activities:

  • Boating – Spend an afternoon cruising Lake Como’s tranquil waters.
  • Watersports (windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, kite-surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, or wakeboarding)
  • Bike Tour around the lake and through pretty villages.
  • Helicopter Tour– You’ll see Lake Como and the Italian Alps from a bird’s eye view
  • Walking Tour – Explore Varenna and Bellagio, the region’s most enchanting towns
  • Nature walk (Lake Como has beautiful trails)
  • Shopping in the medieval town of Como (From farmer’s food market to designer brands, you will enjoy shopping while savoring a gelato) 
  • Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in Lake Como’s best restaurants, such as La Colombetta, I Tigli in Theoria, and Al Veluu.

Places to See in Lake Como

Wrap up your wedding in Italy by touring Lake Como’s must-see spots:

  • Como Cathedral (14th-century Gothic and Renaissance cathedral)
  • Tempio Voltiano
  • The Archaeological Museum of Como
  • Brunate (a hilltop village) 
  • Jungle Raider Park (for adventure seekers)
  • Basilica of Sant’Abbondio
  • Forte di Fuentes
  • Enoteca Principessa (Winery)
  • The towns of Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, and Como 
The bride and groom with their friends are walking the streets of Italy. Wedding in Italy image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are happily riding a boat at Lake Como, Italy. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Top view of the small wedding party having their dinner al fresco at Villa Confalonieri. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white image of the bride and groom having a good time after dinner at Lake Como, Italy. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

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