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Why You Need Engagement Photos

The engaged couple is happily hanging out with each other beside a lake. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Perhaps you’re in the process of booking a photographer for your wedding and wonder if you need to book an engagement session too. So you ask yourself, do we really need professional engagement photos? Then you think, well, we can quickly get away with using our Iphones for that! Why bother with additional costs? Maybe you’ll think harder once you know how important it is to book an engagement session. So here are some reasons to help you decide:

Black and white photo of the happily engaged couple standing close to each other, noses touching. Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio

Professional Photos for Your Wedding Details

In planning a wedding, you usually create a website where guests can see all the information about your wedding. Then there are save-the-date cards to give your guests a heads up that you are inviting them. On your wedding day, you have a photo guest book for the guests to sign as they arrive. Don’t you think these things deserve your best couple’s portraits? Plus, you can be creative and use your engagement photos on your wedding decorations, wedding favor, video presentation, and more! Not only that, you can use your professional engagement photos on other wedding events such as a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or engagement party.

The engaged couple are happily staring at each other close. Editorial Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio
The man is carrying his fiancée, who is laughing. Editorial Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio

Relax in Front of the Camera

Many couples inform me beforehand that they are uncomfortable in front of the camera. If you’re one of them, who finds it awkward to pose, smile, kiss, or even stand still in front of a camera, you can expect to be somewhat pressured come your wedding day. So an engagement session will serve as a dry run for your wedding, where the two of you will be the camera’s focus throughout the day. An engagement session will allow you to relax in front of the camera, not in those formal wedding day attires, but in casual clothing. So this will really allow you to loosen up in front of the camera before your big day.

Black and white image of the man escorting his fiancée as she goes out of the car. Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio
The engaged couple are holding hands while happily looking at each other in front of a red brick building. Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio

You’ll Get to Know Your Photographer

Your wedding photographer is the only vendor who will work closely with you every step of the way throughout your wedding day. This person will photograph your getting ready and first look up to party time and cake cutting. Your photographer needs to capture your emotions as they unfold, so he will be the first person to witness your roller coaster of emotions. Given all these, it’s safe to assume that your wedding photographer holds a significant role in your wedding. Thus, it’s great to have a good rapport with your photographer, which you will accomplish if you already knew each other well back when you did your engagement session.

The engaged couple are standing close to each other in front of an ivy-covered building. Editorial Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white photo of the engaged couple kissing in front of Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Library. Professional Engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio


You can show off a more authentic version of yourselves through engagement photos. You can choose whatever clothing or location best describes your personalities. Thus, engagement photos capture your everyday style and show a collection of significant memories of you as a couple. Someday, you will look back to these photos and see how young and in love you are.

The engaged couple are happily walking while looking at each other. Engagement images by Jenny Fu Studio
Black and white photo of the engaged couple happily looking at each other. Professional engagement photos by Jenny Fu Studio

Trust in the Final Print

Even though you have seen your photographer’s sample galleries a dozen times (and are already impressed), something inside you is still worried about how the final print will go. As it is, photography is one of the most expensive investments you could spend, and we’d understand if you’ll still feel reluctant after seeing your photographer’s previous work. So doing an engagement session and seeing yourselves in those final images will assure you that your photographer will create the best photos for you.