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Your Groom: 2022 NYC Style Trends You Need to Know

The 2022 groom is laughing with a groomsman. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

The spotlight is always on the bride when it comes to weddings in New York City. Ok, not just in NYC, but it’s pretty much the case all over the world. Well, maybe that’s just how it is! We’re sure grooms don’t mind. But why not focus our attention on the groom just this one time? We’re sure brides wouldn’t mind either because it looks like 2022 is a year of unexpected styles in grooms! So let’s take a peek into the 2022 groom style trends.

The groom is standing in the middle of his groomsmen in NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Two groomsmen are dressing up the 2022 groom in NYC.

Suit & Pants

The 2022 groom is shifting on a more customized, fitted, fun, and less formal suit and pants. It means narrower cuts, perfect length or shorter trousers, bespoke jackets, suspenders, and tie clips. They don’t want a loose rented tux anymore. Instead, they want to look comfortable, fresh, sharp, and at their absolute best on their wedding day. In terms of color, we’re seeing a lot of neutrals and earth tones such as browns, off whites, tans, and olive greens. This has a lot to do with the popularity of outdoor wedding venues and wearing nature-driven tones best compliments the wedding scene. Aside from neutral colors, we also see rich tones like deep green, dark navy blue, and burgundy. And surprisingly, we see velvet blazers in these rich colors, which look great outdoors. The groom’s option for a color palette is wider this 2022 than in the past years. Other grooms choose a color for their suits and partner it with traditional pants like black and dark blue. Others do it in head-to-toe color, which is cohesive with the overall wedding theme. Another unexpected trend this year is that grooms take their suits to a more personalized level by incorporating their bride’s name in them. Some embroider a romantic, short note under their collar or in the jacket lining.


Floral patterned ones are becoming a trend for the 2022 groom, whether it’s a necktie or a bow tie. These work well in outdoor weddings, especially during spring. Floral print is excellent for chic, boho, garden, or casual weddings. Another trend we see in ties is micro prints. It appears in jackets and trousers too. But grooms usually pair a microprint tie with a solid-colored jacket and vice versa. We also see textured ties such as velvet, tweed, and knitted. This reflects a more dramatic effect.

The groom is standing beside his father and groomsmen in NYC.
The bride and groom are walking happily. Image by Jenny Fu Studio NYC


Instead of attaching it to the lapel, grooms move the boutonnieres to the pocket. And this creates a unique and stylish look for the 2022 groom. Aside from fresh flowers from the bride’s flower bouquet, we also see dried flowers and even feathers in boutonnieres that amp up the groom’s overall look.

The groom is chatting happily with his groomsmen in New York City.
The bride and groom are entering the wedding venue while holding hands.


To complete the whole wedding attire, grooms look for footwear that best matches their suit, personality, and style. Of course, spending a bit more on quality means they’ll have a pair of shoes to last for years to come. Again, we see more attitude and statement-making in the 2022 groom that sometimes, his shoes say it all! So aside from the formal oxfords, brogues, and derbies, we also see loafers, suedes, and chukkas. And grooms are not settling on the usual black or navy. Some go head to toe in color. Talk about being bold!

The bride and groom are crossing the street of New York City.
The 2022 groom is kissing the bride amidst beautiful trees. Image by Jenny Fu Studio