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2022 Wedding Trends in NYC

The bride and groom are kissing in front of a food truck. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

In New York, lots of things have become the new normal in weddings since the Coronavirus outbreak back in 2020. We’ve seen couples scaling down their guest lists which led to the rise of minimonies and micro-weddings. There were virtual weddings, backyard weddings, even kitchen weddings! We’ve also seen mini cakes, in pretty little glass cloches, served to each guest. We’ve seen those trends from 2020-2021. But also, a lot of couples had their wedding postponed. So we can expect a comeback of weddings moving forward to 2022. Do you want to get married this year? Then let us give you some 2022 NYC wedding trends that might become the new trends for the years to come.

2022 NYC wedding trends image: guests are chatting at the back of a house.

Getting Married at Home 

With different Covid variants coming up, it seems that this pandemic will not be completely over soon. That’s why many couples are still opting to host their weddings in their own homes, with only their immediate families and closest friends. This allows them to transform their homes into the perfect wedding venue, which is uniquely theirs.

The bride and groom, together with guests, are chatting on a long table in a restaurant. 2022 NYC wedding trends image by Jenny Fu studio

Weekday Instead of a Weekend 

One of the 2022 NYC wedding trends we see is weekday weddings. Gone are the days when weddings were just for weekends. In New York, weekday intimate weddings and elopements are becoming popular and might continue to do so in the coming years. Couples love that they get to save more on the venue and some vendors like photographers when they book during a weekday.

Wedding Dress 

The New York Times reports that they have seen a lot of new wedding dress ideas at the New York Bridal Fashion Week. 2022 is a year when brides want fresh ideas such as exaggerated ruffles, puffy sleeves, square necklines, sexy side slits, and dresses with a touch of color. With their weddings postponed or canceled in 2020 or 2021, they want to make it big when it’s their time to celebrate this year.  They want a wedding dress that makes a statement, especially when shown virtually.

The bride, bridesmaids, flower girl, and ring bearer are in front of a house. 2022 wedding trends image by Jenny Fu Studio

Colors & Decor

2022 NYC wedding trends will show a lot of vibrant and bold colors. Couples are veering away from the classic pastel colors at weddings. They are opting for colors with more personality that represent themselves best. They’re doing a wider and bolder color palette, which means breaking free of the chaos back in 2020-2021. But also, we’re seeing earth tones and neutral color palettes that work well in natural outdoor settings. Due to the increased focus on the environment since the pandemic, we see a lot of greenery in decorations.

Top view of a few wedding guests chatting on a lounge area with many green plants in New York. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Floor wraps 

Do you want to take your wedding to the next level? Customized dance floor vinyl wraps have just become a thing in New York. Couples can transform their dance floors into a whole new personalized space to show their unique personalities through these floor wraps. Not only does it look great in photos, but it also elevates and gives life to an otherwise plain dance floor. 

Individual servings of fruits for a wedding reception. 2022 NYC wedding trends image by Jenny Fu Studio

Individual Servings

The rise of individual servings back in 2021 is not yet fading away in 2022.  With safety measures in mind, we see canned cocktails,  tiny charcuterie boards, and mini wedding cakes served individually to each guest. For extra safety (and style), caterers are serving food in elegant glass cloches that wow the guests. And couples want to share a personalized culinary experience with their guests, which really celebrates their love story.

A small, pretty white wedding cake with flower accent in NYC. Image by Jenny Fu Studio

Wedding trends in 2022 will focus more on what truly matters most for the couples getting married. They will craft their own wedding experience without necessarily following wedding traditions or standard wedding menus. 2022 NYC wedding trends will be more out-of-the-box, personalized, and unique for every couple.

Guests are having fun inside a wedding tent in New York City.
Beautiful mix of flowers and dried leaves. 2022 wedding trends image by Jenny Fu Studio