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Banish Wedding Woes With The Wellness Guide

For most couples, planning a wedding is a daunting task. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and let’s face it — downright expensive. With inflation driving up wedding costs, an influx of trends coming and going, and a myriad of opinions from friends and family, navigating your way to wedded bliss can start to feel really overwhelming. To help combat these feelings and mitigate the pressure and demands of your big day, it’s imperative you take time to prioritize self-care throughout the planning process and banish wedding woes with this wellness guide. 

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Start a thorough skincare routine using quality products about six months before your wedding. Scheduling routine facials will help ensure that your skin looks radiant, glowing and clear in photos. If you struggle with stubborn acne, excess oil, combination skin or are prone to other issues, make sure you seek out a facialist that can customize your treatments. Having a smooth, prepped base will help ensure that your makeup stays put throughout the entire day and can withstand heat and other weather conditions. 

Setting aside time to focus on pampering yourself will help ease your mind when you hit planning roadblocks and certain items on your to-do list aren’t panning out the way you originally hoped. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to attack wedding woes after a de-stress session – so don’t skimp on your “me” time. 

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Hair Appointments

Head to the salon to pamper yourself! Test out a few different styles to see what you like best, especially taking into account the time of year (hello, humidity.) You should also plan on tackling any problem areas, giving yourself several months to treat them before the big day. For instance, if you have thinning or shedding locks, you may consider a women’s hair loss treatment that can help you achieve your dream wedding look. 

Beyond just choosing the right style, make sure to do your research when it comes to picking out your hair artist. Here are a few key things to keep in mind: 

  • How long have they been working in the bridal industry for?
  • Are they familiar with your hair type and texture? 
  • Do they have a legally sound contract in place that protects you in case of rescheduling, cancelation or other circumstances? 

A skilled, professional hair stylist will be able to keep your expectations in line while delivering a quality service that compliments your features and aesthetic. It’s imperative you prepare ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect and to help reduce any day-of wedding stress.

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Grab your ‘maids and make massages a fun bonding experience. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can even multi-task during appointments! Chat about bridesmaid attire and duties and take some items off of your plate (after all, what better time to talk about tying the knot while getting your knots out?) Your I Do Crew is likely to be more inclined to help with wedding prep when their muscles are relaxed and their minds are at ease, so use this time to your advantage. 

Cozy Nights In

Plan relaxing nights in with your partner to rest and rejuvenate. Comfort food, Netflix marathons, painting your nails and focusing on something other than wedding planning will help prevent burnout and fatigue. Simple, small tasks can make a big impact on your mindset, so remember to hit pause every once in a while. 

Don’t forget why you are getting married in the first place! Napkin color, tension with your in-laws, finances, and a long list of decisions can start to dampen your joy. Nights in with your soon to be spouse can help shift your perspective and put things back in focus when planning starts to become a hindrance. Never feel guilty or apologize to anyone for needing to take a step back every once in a while; this will be vital to your planning success.

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Give Back

With all of the wedding commotion, it can be easy to lose sight of what is going on around you.  An important way to ground yourself is by bringing joy to someone else. After your big day, consider donating your dress to military and first responders in need through Brides Across America. There are few greater feelings than helping others, and this is a great opportunity to truly make a difference.

When it comes to a major undertaking such as planning a wedding, you’ll need stamina, determination, and a healthy mindset. Knowing how to properly care for yourself and how to unwind will be an instrumental component of the wedding journey – and your friends and family will certainly thank you for being Bridechilla.