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Film Wedding Photography in 2023

Sunset photo of the bride and groom in a garden. Film photography image by Jenny Fu Studio

We all know that everything started with film photography. And with the passing of time, photography evolved to digital. We are now in 2023, and there’s no denying that we all rely on digital technology in our daily lives. But why is film beginning to have a comeback, especially in the wedding scene? 

Film Wedding Photography Produces a Timeless Look

Film photography is becoming increasingly popular for its timeless look. It has a unique quality of capturing delicate details, color, and light that is hard to achieve with digital photography. Film photography also produces images that have a softer, more natural look. Wedding photos taken on film can stand the test of time and provide couples with timeless memories of their special day. Indeed, film photography is a timeless and beautiful art form. When I think of film photography, I think of an image that can transcend time. 

Sunset photo of the Brooklyn Bridge. Film photography image by Jenny Fu Studio
The bride and groom are looking at the NYC skyline. Image by Jenny Fu Studio
Cake-cutting ceremony. Film wedding photography image by Jenny Fu Studio

Images that Digital Photography Cannot Recreate

Film wedding photography has the potential to capture magical moments that digital photography can’t replicate. The look and feel of film give a timeless feel to wedding photos. And couples often associate it with nostalgia and romance. Film photography is known for its dreamy, romantic aesthetic, with light, airy colors, and soft, muted tones. It also has a unique look and feel that digital photography can’t recreate. The grain of film adds a subtle texture and depth to the photos that are often lacking in digital images.

Film also offers more control and flexibility over the exposure, which allows for a more creative and unique result. Film photography captures moments in a way digital photography cannot, preserving memories for generations to come. By slowing down the process and being intentional with every shot, film wedding photography helps to create beautiful and meaningful images that would otherwise be lost! And being able to tell the story of a couple’s wedding day through beautiful film photography is something I truly cherish.

Film Wedding Photography has a Vintage Aesthetic

Film wedding photography is a popular choice among couples looking to capture images with a vintage aesthetic. It gives a classic look to photos and harkens back to the vintage style of the past. Film photography is known for its soft, delicate tones and nostalgic feel. Its vintage aesthetic further emphasizes these qualities. Other elements of a vintage aesthetic in film wedding photography include hues that slightly fade and a lack of sharpness. When it comes to wedding photos, film photography has a vintage aesthetic that is truly timeless. 

Is it Better than Digital?

Both film and digital photography have their own strengths, which is why I use both on a wedding day. Film can be fun and nostalgic to look back on, with its unique properties that you won’t find in digital. On the other hand, digital photography is often more reliable in getting the shot due to its ability to capture high-quality images quickly and accurately. Therefore, I believe it is best to use both mediums together to provide the couple with the best possible wedding photography experience.