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Sunday Series – Part Three: Beautini

Part Three of the Sunday Series features Brittany Lo of Beautini! As the Founder and CEO of Beautini, a Manhattan bridal beauty company, Brittany has always seen the power that beauty has to empower women from the inside out.

Brittany Lo of Beautini

Brittany Lo is a beauty entrepreneur and bridal expert that enjoys sharing her thoughts about beauty, business, and all things wedding related! Furthermore, Brittany is a hopeless romantic and has dreamed about her wedding day since a very early age.

At sixteen years old, Brittany started catering weddings and eventually became a certified wedding planner. With her BS degree from Babson College, Brittany fused her business, bridal and beauty expertise to develop the unique concept for Beautini by making makeovers a fun experience. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business:

Hi! My name is Brittany Lo and I am the Founder & CEO of Beautini. I wrote in my 2nd-grade journal that one day I would have a beauty company. After studying entrepreneurship at Babson College, I decided to make it a reality! Beautini is based in Manhattan and offers hair and makeup services specializing in weddings and events.

How has the COVID19 pandemic changed your life? How has it changed your business?

COVID-19 pandemic is a horrible situation for all of us. But, this is time we have to reflect on our lives and become stronger in communicating with our loved ones. It is a pause in life that I have found helpful. I have been digging deep to think through what I want in my life, and Beautini, and making sure I am building a path that will get me there as well as uncovering the obstacles that may be in the way. I also have learned that it’s okay to just watch TV without stressing about work and playing with my creative side more with cooking, TikTok etc!

Brittany Lo of Beautini

How have you been able to adapt your business to the new “way of life?”

In the beginning, I was in pure “hustle mode” working non-stop and not sleeping much. But then the emotional impact of COVID-19 took over and I’ve learned to be kind to myself and give myself the freedom to do what I need to do to stay healthy, focused and happy. I have been able to sleep in a bit later (since I can get dressed in two minutes now) and have been working later into the night. Figuring out my workout routine has been a bit tricky but it’s okay!

Beautini clients after their wedding

Will you start doing business differently, once all of this is a distant memory?

I think this has shown me how amazing our Beautini clients and community are and finding new ways to support them will be key! I am excited to be able to have trials in our office and still do weddings though.

Beautini brides kissing, lesbian wedding

What are your biggest takeaways from dealing with COVID19 as a business owner? What about as a human in general?

This is a great time to reconnect with your customer base, focus on aspects of the business that you are usually too busy for, and to make sure you are moving in the direction that you want to!

Where can people find you?

Website, Youtube
Instagram: @brittany.lo & @beautini

Contact us at hello@jennyfu.com to be a part of the Sunday Series!