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5 Ideas for the Best Fall Wedding Photos in NYC

A man and woman kissing. Trees and fallen leaves on the background

Autumn is probably the season you’ll fall in love with the most in New York City. Who would disagree with the cool, crisp air, the foliage of deep orange, yellow, and red hues, and glorious sunrise and sunsets? And that’s probably the reason why more couples are deciding to celebrate their big day during this season. Not to mention, fall can give the most unique and magical photos that can last a lifetime. So without further ado, let me give you five ideas to achieve the best fall wedding photos in NYC:

1. Decide on a picture-perfect location for for fall wedding photos in NYC

There are many picturesque wedding venues in New York that are best for fall weather. Here are some of them:

And the list goes on! Each and every venue has its own unique charm. But all are similar in having breath-taking views and fantastic fall foliage, which are an instant eye-catching backdrop for your photos. So if you want the best fall wedding photos in NYC, choose the best venue that suits your taste.

2. Shoot during the “Golden Hour”

According to Adobe.com, sometimes known as “Magic Hour,” the “last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise.” The effect brought about by the sun quickly rising or setting intensifies the yellow and orange tones. So, as you can imagine, it can bring your photo up to a whole new level! You can have magical fall wedding photos that can last a lifetime. 

Couple far from the camera, under a very big tree with yellow leaves and with fallen brown leaves on the ground

3. Include flowers with fall colors in your bouquet

You can take advantage of the fall season to incorporate flowers with fall colors into your bouquet. Doing so will make splendid fall bridal photos, with your unique bouquet giving accent to your beautiful wedding dress! You can also use rustic bouquets or even add touches of autumn leaves as well. 

Men couple standing in the middle of a corner street; Background is a building covered with leaves and trees of autumn colors
Men couple sitting in front of a house, which is covered with leaves

4. Keep yourself warm

The wind during autumn is cold due to the dropping temperature. Because of this, you might find it uncomfortable to pose in front of the camera. And you don’t want to see yourself in your photos looking too stiff and freezing! Unless you’re wearing a long-sleeve wedding dress, you can bring a bridal shawl or a pretty cover-up instead. If you don’t have any, you can wear a jacket to warm you between photo shoots. Another way to keep your body warm is to move! Just dance, play and have fun in front of the camera.

5. Add touches of fall decorations

There are many fall decorations that you can incorporate in your small details to have gorgeous close-up shots. For example, you can add touches of autumn leaves on your invitation close-up shots. Or you can decorate the altar with branches and foliage. This idea might be the key to completing your best NYC fall wedding photos.

Couple sitting close to each other in a park bench., with trees and fallen brown leaves on the background

There’s something romantic about fall weddings. From the deep tones to the rich foliage, you will indeed never run out of great photos. So if you’re looking for an NYC professional wedding photographer who can bring out the best in your fall wedding, Jenny Fu might be the best one to choose! Let’s chat and discuss your wedding photography plans.