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Best Outfit Ideas for your Engagement Photo Shoot

An engaged couple are romantically sitting on a bench in Central Park, NYC.

When you first met, you already felt that magical feeling. Then you became a couple and experienced ups and downs. Now, you couldn’t believe that you’re finally engaged! And of course, you should both look great in your engagement photos as it is what people will see on your save the dates and wedding websites. Without further ado, here are the best engagement outfit ideas:

Classic instead of Trendy – You wouldn’t want to look back at your engagement photos with regret in the future! Classic and timeless ensembles are always the best way to go since these photos are meant to last a lifetime. Think flowy dresses that move with the wind. It creates a romantic effect in front of the camera!

Complement, not match – Gone are the days when couples used to wear matching outfits.  It’s better when your outfits complement each other. Choose outfits from the same color family. You can also add some accessories, textures, and patterns to add variation. Also, it’s best to plan ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to go cramming on the day of the photo session.

Engagement photos: an engaged couple are standing on a pebbled surface overlooking the ocean.
Engagement photos: The engaged couple are standing in the middle of a door at Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Jamaica.

Choose neutral tones – Your faces should stand out in your engagement photos, not your outfits! Colors like red, orange, magenta, and green tend to attract the human eye quickly. You wouldn’t want your outfits grabbing the attention instead of you. So choose light, neutral, earth, or pastel colors. A coordinated mix of these colors will softly highlight your emotions and your love.

Think about the season – Okay, wearing a cowl neck might not be a great idea if you’re shooting in summer, nor is a sleeveless good in winter.  If you’re shooting in fall or winter outdoors, it would be wise to wear fleece-lined tights under jeans to keep you warm. It’s also a good option to bring along some winter accessories to add fun to your engagement photos. In summer and spring, consider light flowy fabrics like lace, tulle, and crepe. And of course, you can never go wrong with floral prints to complement the season.  

An engaged couple is hugging each other under an umbrella, on a dock, with ocean and mountains at Denver, Colorado.
An engaged couple are walking amidst tall trees at Denver, Colorado.

Be comfortable, be yourself & have fun! – At the end of the day, the most important thing is to enjoy your engagement photo session. You have to be comfortable in your outfits because it will show in the camera if you’re not. Like if you’ll do a hike in the mountains and want to wear heels, don’t forget to wear flats while you hike. Or if you’re doing it outdoors during winter, better wear lots of layers for you to keep warm. Be yourself! Choose the outfits that show your personalities as a couple. Lastly, have fun – It will show in your photos! Whatever outfit you choose, it’s best to bear in mind that your outfit will reflect who you are as a couple and will last a lifetime.

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Top view of an engaged couple laughing while lying down on a mattress in Denver, Colorado
An engaged couple are laughing while sitting on a bed at Denver, Colorado
Engagement photos: An engaged couple are standing in the streets of Tribeca, New York City.
Engagement photos: The engaged couple is sitting on a staircase outside of a house at West Village Madison Square Park, NYC.
Engagement photos: An engaged couple is standing on the streets of West Village Madison Square Park, New York City.